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‘Sisters for Sale’ – Ben Randall

The Bridge at Green School

Betrayed, stolen, and sold into forced marriages with strange men, two teenaged friends are forced to make the heartbreaking choice between their baby girls and their own freedom. Screening of our multi-award-winning documentary 'Sisters for Sale', on the search for two teenaged friends who were kidnapped from their homes in Vietnam and sold in China. […]

Fun and Easy Home/Classroom Sustainability Projects – Andy Ashton

Come and join Andy Ashton, one of Green School Bali teachers to gain and share inspiration on some awesome DIY, hands-on projects that integrate science, math, sustainability and other elements at the same time. This can be useful and applicable for teachers, parents, students or whoever is interested in being more productive when stuck at […]

World Ocean Ambassadors Hangout Festival

WOAH!!! … Because there is no such thing as “not really a water person”.   We are 70% water, the Oceans cover 70% of our beautiful blue planet, 70% of us rely on the Oceans for food 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the Oceans, all of life on Earth came from the […]

Flavours of The Village – Truly Bali Experiences


Prepare, serve and enjoy a local Balinese meal. Experience a variety of local flavors from ancient recipes perfected by generations of local chefs. Join us and learn the entire process of some signature dishes from Balinese cuisine. You will harvest ingredients, learn about different flavors and spices, and enjoy the process of cooking before sharing […]


4XampL’s eXistential Trip Out Film, Triva Quiz & Chat Night

10th Grader Sevan Fidel’s Dad and former GS high school teacher, Zach Reznichek has recently initiated a few film nights at Paradiso in Ubud. One "for kidz by kidz" and the other for adults and young adults. As a teacher 'Pak Zach' uses the medium of film to open up big questions about life, philosophy, […]


4XampL eXistential Trip Out Film, Trivia & Chat Night

This community group activity invites young adults (15+) to come out to see classic films where existential crisis and strong character are at the heart of art. Taking the audience on a ride into the depths of human struggle these filmmakers have used their passion to present us with a special story and characters that […]

Mother Earth Art Challenge

Join us sharing love to our mother earth by creating artwork!  There is no right and wrong to this and the idea is to co-create, have fun, feel creative, connect with nature and enjoy the process. We would love the community to share their artwork for inspiration and to share it in the gallery. The […]

Online Foundation Program – Blended Course – Green Educator Course

COURSE DESCRIPTION 8 weeks course | 5 June - 31 July 2021 | $575 Green Educators Online Blended Course starts next week! Limited seats available. Book now and enjoy $300 off for the next onsite course in Bali. Green Educators Online Blended Course provides you with a structured, all-access view of how Green School Bali […]

Spark Talk – Our Educators Take the Stage

Our Spark talks showcase educational innovation and passion. These are our very own TED-style teacher talks, where our educators share their approach to learning and their personal journeys. This limited ticket event will be your chance to hear and see live, some of our educators as they take the stage and share their wisdom, thoughts, […]

Jalan-jalan ke Pasar (Traditional Market)

One of the excitement about living on an island is exploring the local market or Pasar in our neighborhood! For generations, Indonesians have bought our foods in the Pasar. It's a place where people gather, share stories, sell foods from locally grown and produced foods from around the island and even from the Indonesian archipelago. […]

Wonders of Galungan – Green School Foundation – Local Scholarship Program

Bali's enchanting aura has always mesmerized everyone. The richness of its culture entwined with the tradition for decades. As people that live on the island of Gods, it is impossible not to fall in love with Balinese life and the local wisdom. As the Galungan celebration approaches, Green School Bali Foundation invites you to discover the […]

Discover Freediving Experience

Discover Freediving is an introductory freediving experience that allows you to see the amazing underwater life as well as to hold your breath for the first time. You will learn how to use your body and mind to explore the underwater world on a single breath under the guidance of a certified Apnea Academy freediving […]

Discover Green School High School

A Live, on-campus event! Parents from across the whole school are invited to join us on Friday the 26th from 8.30 to learn more about our Green School Bali High School. Meet the teachers, learn about our program and diploma course and see what, where, and how our alumni are doing in the world. The […]

Middle School Production — ‘Guardians of the Circle’

On 13th and 14th December at 7pm, Middle School students will debut their completely original production, Guardians of the Circle, in the Green School Sangkep and you are hereby invited! The 2021 Middle School Production depicts a group of young people on a journey to discover whether they have what it takes to become the […]


Prasad Food Kitchen at Green School

Starting January 20th, Prasad will be operating a NEW food kitchen at Green Camp and WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please consider VOLUNTEERING! We will operate Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30 am-12. We could always use extra hands for food preparation and packaging.                        Please consider […]

Community Connects

Join us for the first community meet and greet session of the 2022 school year! Whether you’re newly arrived in Bali, or veterans of the island, The Bridge and the GSPA welcome you with open arms! Come and discover what is new, how you can engage and be part. Discover the variety of programs that […]

Immerse into the Balinese Culture – Green School Foundation

In this session, we invite you to ignite your senses with the Balinese community at Green School. Learn the cultural norms, experience hands-on activities, join a guided walk around campus led by the local Balinese parents, and more. Feel the magic of the island through the stories of the Balinese. This is an opportunity to […]


“A collection of performance pieces amplifying voices of strength and survival related to gender-based violence” Thank you for supporting the VOICES performance as part of V-Season. We are excited to welcome you to campus to watch the performance live. This is the sixth annual evening theatre production as part of the school’s VDay project. Performances […]

Book Launch and Film Premiere: Anti-trend and Perpetual Plastic Kristine Harper & Liina Klauss

Come and celebrate with us the book launch of Anti-trend, Resilient Design, and the Art of Sustainable Living from our beloved Green School parent Kristine Harper and the Bali Premiere of the documentary film Perpetual Plastic by artist Liina Klauss. Anti-trend investigates resilient, anti-trendy living and design as viable alternatives to the insatiable “more wants […]