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Book Launch and Film Premiere: Anti-trend and Perpetual Plastic Kristine Harper & Liina Klauss

March 25, 2022 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Come and celebrate with us the book launch of Anti-trend, Resilient Design, and the Art of Sustainable Living from our beloved Green School parent Kristine Harper and the Bali Premiere of the documentary film Perpetual Plastic by artist Liina Klauss.

Anti-trend investigates resilient, anti-trendy living and design as viable alternatives to the insatiable “more wants more” mantra of consumerism. The overall purpose of this book is to encourage designers and consumers to take responsibility for overproduction and overconsumption and to alter unsustainable production and behavioral patterns. The anti-trendy design object is designed to be used. It is created to nourish the user aesthetically on a long-term or short-term basis. It is alive in the sense that it is made to develop in accordance with human life—by either being alterable or perishable. The anti-trendy object supports a life worth sustaining. A life that contains wholesome rhythms and edifying challenges and isn’t dependent on consumption for pleasure. Anti-trendy living is a natural, fulfilling, and sustainable way to live. It may have many different expressions but is characterized by authenticity and meaningfulness. Reduction of consumption and long-term usage of things is a vital part of anti-trendy living—it involves mending and caring and maybe even sharing. Through an analysis of resilience and sustainability in life in general and in design objects the themes of the book unfold intuition and anti-trend research, a life worth sustaining, existentialist despair, raw and resilient aesthetics, sustainable storytelling, legitimizations for designing products in a world with too many things, democratic sustainability, craft innovation, civil disobedience, and collaborative consumption.

If you are in Indonesia, you can order the book online at Opentrolley or Book Depository.
And now it is available on Amazon too.



Perpetual Plastic

About the film: Millions of single-use plastics are discarded every day across the globe.

What happens then? Artist Liina klauss attempts to visualize the journey of all disgraced plastics through her installation on a beach in Bali, Indonesia. First Prize at the National Geographic Society Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge, Best Documentary at Wolf Tree Film Festival.

Director: Eric Ebner (@ebner_eric)
Editor: Scott Elliott
Producer: Guillem Rius (@back2forward)
Original Music Score: Peter Millward (@pete_millward)
Artist: liina klauss (@liinaklauss)
Marine Scientist: Skye Moret (@sea.meets.skye)
Data Visualization Expert: Mortiz Stefaner (@moritz_stefaner)
Writers: Guillem Rius, liina klauss, Eric Ebner
Director of Photography: Chema Balbuena (@chema.bal)
Cinematography: Chame Balbuena, Lawrence Cowell, Guillem Rius
(@back2forward!@el_influenza @chema.bal)
Instagram: @perpetualplastic


Kristine H. Harper is the author of Aesthetic Sustainability and writer of the blog The Immaterialist https://immaterialist.blog/. Her new book Anti-trend was written in Bali, Indonesia, where she has lived for several years. Kristine Harper’s main research areas are resilient design solutions, sustainable living, reduction of consumption through design, permaculture, cultural tendencies, trend research, and the preservation of endangered crafts-traditions. She worked as a lecturer of Sustainable Fashion at the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology for a decade and continues to teach her theories on design, aesthetics, and sustainability at various international design academies.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_immaterialist/ 




 liina klauss is a German artist & activist who explores visual and conceptual perceptions of waste. Her large-scale work translates environmental pollution into over-flowing installations of beautiful colours and horrifying abundance. liina involves people directly in the experience of creative action as a tool for transformation and connection. Her works play with perceptions of significance and trivia, individual and collective, distance and tangibility, beauty and shock, surface and depth

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liinaklauss/ 




This event is open to the community and public. We will have cocktails from Baja Road Bar and lovely food from Baja Deli to purchase, some good music, and lots of joy. You can’t miss it.


March 25, 2022
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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