Personalized Circadian Rhythm Wellness: The connection between Human and Planetary Health – Dr. Mima Geere

Ever thought about the incredible impact our food choices have on our entire being? 🍏 Join us as we explore the fascinating world of mind-body-energy connections, delving into the realm beyond the physical to understand our metahuman footprint. 🌍 Our conscious decisions resonate not only within ourselves but also in our energetic links to the planet and each other. 🤝 Let’s dive into the interplay between the physical and metaphysical, focusing on the Human Microbiome and Personalized Nutrition. Discover how elemental systems in our body and environment shape our overall health and wellbeing – both physiologically and psycho-socially. ✨ #MindBodyEnergy


Dr. Mima Geere MD is a proponent of revolutionizing healthcare by integrating personalized medicine and nutrition. With over 25 years of expertise in health and wellness, she holds a master’s degree in nutrition science from Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition and a medical degree from the University of Vermont. Dr. Geere’s residency was in Clinical Pathology, and she pursued post-doctoral fellowships in Clinical Informatics and Environmental Toxins at the University of California, San Francisco. Committed to a blend of ancient and modern practices, she advocates for evidence-based health using data-driven approaches, fostering the growth and validation of holistic health practices through technology and diagnostics.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

Set on the campus of Green School Bali, The Bridge is a Co-learning center of change, inspiration and reflection. The Bridge provides a learning center for individuals to create a path to approach their work and life differently through greater learning opportunities, accelerated synchronicity, and meaningful connections.

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