Living with Snake in Bali – Ron Lilley

Bali’s ‘Snake Whisperer’ Ron Lilley will give an illustrated talk about living with snakes in Bali and will include dealing with a snake phobia, why snakes come into our houses, what we can do to keep them out, reacting positively if we see a snake and snakebite first aid and treatment here in Bali.


Born in England, where he developed his love for nature, especially reptiles, and invertebrates. Worked in museums and was an Education officer in various zoos. Looked after large collections of reptiles including venomous snakes. Studied for his Master’s degree in Conservation Biology, (Captive Breeding and release of Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park).


Ron Lilley – first came to Indonesia in 1987, studying reptiles and amphibians in Manuela National Park, Seram, Maluku. He has worked for various nature conservation NGOs (WWF, TNC, FFI, TRAFFIC), and has traveled throughout Indonesia. Ron moved to Bali in 2003 with the Marine Aquarium council, to look at the trade-in marine aquarium fish. He is also an academic English instructor for IELTS at IALF. Ron works for the Indonesian Nature Foundation (LINI), a local NGO that helps coastal fishing communities rebuild their damaged reefs. As the ‘Bali Snake Patrol’, Ron rescues snakes, gives snake-proofing advice, and talks about snake safety. He is currently helping Dr. Tri Maharani with the Indonesian Snakebite Initiative.

Ron’s hobbies include nature photography, keeping small animals, and traveling. Ron is married to Gayatri, a coral specialist, and they have one son, Lawrence.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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