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Supporting Kids and Families With Transitions

Transitions workshop for new families, newish families, and new-at-heart families   Next week, we will be hosting a transitions workshop and discussion for new families.  Making the change to live in Bali is a journey and we all experience it in different ways.  You may well be in a honeymoon phase where everything looks and feels […]

Conscious parenting your Wild child – Masha Cheriakova

Do your negative thoughts and emotions often get a hold of you, e.g. making you want to scream or run away from your child/partner? Using examples from my new graphic memoir, I will show you how you can become aware and befriend your negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve you (anymore), so you […]


Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Trading Club – Sarid Harper

Trading cryptocurrencies, stocks or any asset is difficult, as we are constantly forced to make decisions in an environment that is forever changing. As a result, fear, uncertainty, and greed often take the driver's seat, and we find ourselves making trading decisions at times when we should be doing nothing. During this bi-monthly meet-up, we […]

Indonesia Through The Camera Lens – David Metcalf

David will present a series of images from his travels in Indonesia with a particular focus on indigenous communities and the beautiful island of Borneo. He will take the audience on a visual journey of the landscapes and people and describe life in the indigenous communities and some stories from the many journeys. David has […]

Balinese Women Empowerment – Tirka Widanti (Ibu Ika)

According to Hindu teachings, gender is not a difference in social treatment between men and women, but considering what things are appropriate for men and women. Hinduism views gender as more of an obligation that must be carried out by each individual as ordained by God (Brahman). As contained in the book Manawa Dharmasastra chapter […]

Book Launch: Anti-trend, Resilient Design and the Art of Sustainable Living – Kristine Harper

Come and celebrate with us the book launch of "Anti-trend, Resilient Design, and the Art of Sustainable Living" from our beloved Green School parent, Kristine Harper. Anti-trend investigates resilient, anti-trendy living and design as viable alternatives to the insatiable “more wants more” mantra of consumerism. The overall purpose of this book is to encourage designers […]