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The world of medical treatment is often an isolating and terrifying time for all. And for women young and old, experiencing the physical and psychological hardships from breast cancer to abuse...can be a dark and lonely journey. Academic surgeon and holistic healing advocate Dr. Shubha Dhage has made it her mission to elevate women from […]

COP26 – Insights from the United Nations 26th Climate Change Conference

What is COP, who attends and how are matters discussed?  What are the outcomes of this year's meetings? What has been Green School's involvement in the COP meetings over the years? What can we, as a community and as individuals, do to continue to meet and address the challenges associated with climate change?   Join Jessica Farmer, […]

Food for Thought – Mark Brand – Elevation Barn

Want to see the ‘miracle of ve loaves and two sh’ happen? Join restaurateur and philanthropist Mark Brand in his journey that goes beyond compassion - in embracing communities to tackle hands-on societal issues from food scarcity to homelessness and addiction. Overseeing international groups such as Save on Meats and A Better Life Foundation, let […]

Empowering underserved communities in the war-affected regions of Sri Lanka – Aravinth Panch – The Green Leadership Series

Three decades of civil war in Sri Lanka caused a massive impact on socio-economy and environmental ecosystems. International aid provided significant support, but imported solutions couldn't solve fundamental local problems sustainably. So we set out to empower locals to solve local socio-economic and environmental challenges.   Aravinth is a devoted social entrepreneur empowering underserved communities […]

Safe Zone – Marco Bollinger & Jodie Livingston – Elevation Barn

Today.... millions of children are growing up, conned within what is intended to be ‘temporary’ accommodation as they flee their homes for safe refuge. Since the start of the Syrian War in 2010, approximately 3.5M refuge children have lived their childhood and early adulthood within the confines of camps, a life with an average camp […]

Parenting Through a Cultural Lens – Jennifer Curry

This talk is designed to allow parents a chance to discuss the joys and challenges of parenting while learning some tips and strategies for how to navigate these years. In order to facilitate discussion, parents will be grouped to share values and beliefs about social, emotional, and academic learning as well as future goals. There […]

Immerse into the Balinese Culture – Green School Foundation

In this session, we invite you to ignite your senses with the Balinese community at Green School. Learn the cultural norms, experience hands-on activities, join a guided walk around campus led by the local Balinese parents, and more. Feel the magic of the island through the stories of the Balinese. This is an opportunity to […]

Living In Bali by The GSPA

The Green School Parent Association (GSPA) wishes you a warm welcome and is looking forward to meeting you as members of our vibrant school community. At Green School, all parents/caregivers are members of the GSPA. Our shared mission is: ‘To inform, inspire and energize parent participation in a manner that sustains the health and vitality […]

Supporting Kids and Families With Transitions

Transitions workshop for new families, newish families, and new-at-heart families   Next week, we will be hosting a transitions workshop and discussion for new families.  Making the change to live in Bali is a journey and we all experience it in different ways.  You may well be in a honeymoon phase where everything looks and feels […]

Conscious parenting your Wild child – Masha Cheriakova

Do your negative thoughts and emotions often get a hold of you, e.g. making you want to scream or run away from your child/partner? Using examples from my new graphic memoir, I will show you how you can become aware and befriend your negative thoughts and emotions that do not serve you (anymore), so you […]

The Gianyar Material Recovery Partnership (Recycling for 600,000 +) – Sean Nino

In Bali, the capacity of landfills is limited, waste and materials often must travel far, there is a large amount of illegal burning, dumping, and leakage of plastics into the environment. The MPH Circular approach (www.mph-bali.org) builds community-owned material management facilities, we help enforce separation, build and operate and handover infrastructure that is capable of […]

Indonesia Through The Camera Lens – David Metcalf

David will present a series of images from his travels in Indonesia with a particular focus on indigenous communities and the beautiful island of Borneo. He will take the audience on a visual journey of the landscapes and people and describe life in the indigenous communities and some stories from the many journeys. David has […]

Crypto Club – Sarid Harper

Trading cryptocurrencies, stocks or any asset is difficult, as we are constantly forced to make decisions in an environment that is forever changing. As a result, fear, uncertainty, and greed often take the driver's seat, and we find ourselves making trading decisions at times when we should be doing nothing. During this bi-monthly meet-up, we […]

7 Steps to enter Web 3.0 for Non-Technical Folks – Bogumil (Gabe) Roszak

There are new, exciting opportunities, that don't exist in other industries. Learning blockchain and NFT fundamentals is truly a way to build a better economy and a more just society. We are just entering the most exciting times in human history, but the "Future" is not evenly distributed. Start learning, so you won't miss it. […]

Crypto Club

Trading cryptocurrencies, stocks or any asset is difficult, as we are constantly forced to make decisions in an environment that is forever changing. As a result, fear, uncertainty, and greed often take the driver’s seat, and we find ourselves making trading decisions at times when we should be doing nothing. During this bi-monthly meet-up, we […]

Balinese Women Empowerment – Tirka Widanti (Ibu Ika)

According to Hindu teachings, gender is not a difference in social treatment between men and women, but considering what things are appropriate for men and women. Hinduism views gender as more of an obligation that must be carried out by each individual as ordained by God (Brahman). As contained in the book Manawa Dharmasastra chapter […]

Cleaning Bali’s Plastic Rivers – Gary Bencheghib – The Green Leadership Series

From traveling down the world's dirtiest river to now cleaning rivers in Bali and beyond, Gary will provide an alarming situation of Indonesia's current plastic crisis and what he and his team are doing to restore Indonesia's rivers. Through this talk, you will get a full grasp of the operation behind up-cycling river plastics into […]

Book Launch and Film Premiere: Anti-trend and Perpetual Plastic Kristine Harper & Liina Klauss

Come and celebrate with us the book launch of Anti-trend, Resilient Design, and the Art of Sustainable Living from our beloved Green School parent Kristine Harper and the Bali Premiere of the documentary film Perpetual Plastic by artist Liina Klauss. Anti-trend investigates resilient, anti-trendy living and design as viable alternatives to the insatiable “more wants […]

The Children are On The Frontline of Poverty in Bali – Kim Farr

The Bali Street Mums and Kids Safehouse provides a home for children and mothers who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and illness. We take care of children that have been rescued from shocking situations. The Safehouse is also a food and medical aid center, providing aid to over 75 children and mothers. Kim Farr - has […]