Conversations about Value and Waste / An Artist’s Perspective – liina klaus

This talk explores perceptions of value versus waste, exemplified in the body of work of land-artist liina klauss. The German-born Bali and Hong Kong-based artist has been working with found objects for the past 12 years. In her works, the objects intrinsically stay the same, but the perception of their worth, beauty, and belonging, changes depending on context, location, and integration into a bigger picture. liina suggests that value is something humans create rather than a given. Humans imagine it and cause it into reality. Using the example of plastic, liina explores the creation of value and waste and the costs for the environment, health, and culture that come with it. She further explores sustainable solutions using art as a tool.


 liina klauss is a German artist & activist who explores visual and conceptual perceptions of waste. Her large-scale work translates environmental pollution into over-flowing installations of beautiful colors and horrifying abundance. liina involves people directly in the experience of creative action as a tool for transformation and connection. Her works play with perceptions of significance and trivia, individual and collective, distance and tangibility, beauty and shock, surface and depth.


The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

Set on the campus of Green School Bali, The Bridge is a Co-learning center of change, inspiration and reflection. The Bridge provides a learning center for individuals to create a path to approach their work and life differently through greater learning opportunities, accelerated synchronicity, and meaningful connections.

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