Global Online Fasting Retreat – You!Healing International

Join us for a safely guided 7 day fasting program. The You!Healing method is a medically proven, clinically safe methodology for fasting that systematically turns the digestion process “off” from the top to the bottom. Just like with a high-performance car, sometimes we need to slow down and pay more attention to how we are fueling our bodies. A week-long Fasting Retreat is like taking your car to a professional repair shop. The experts will change the oil, replace the fan belt, rotate the tires, and tune up the engine! A car, like your body, will run better than ever after such a tune-up!

You will not be hungry because you will be drinking a great deal of water and coconut water. You will also consume Bali Botanicals; organic herbs combined to support the kidneys, liver and the digestive tract. You’ll receive recipes for easy homemade herbal teas that you can enjoy in the evenings. The schedule and the supplements are very precise. When clients stick to the schedule, the process is quite smooth. You’ll take a bulking and cleansing shake twice daily that will assure that you’re not hungry and assist in dragging anything and everything toxic gently down and out of the body.

Together, we will start by having a LIVE briefing session* through zoom. During this session, all the fasting supplies and the fasting schedule will be explained. You’ll also have a chance to meet your fellow fasters before your “Valentine’s Date”. Yes, you can eat on this day!!

The daily live zoom meetings are filled with playful information exchange. We will meet daily to highlight key points in Level #1 and Level #2 online materials, to field all your good questions, and to offer advice, recipes, and other suggestions to “up” your healing game! We’ll “nut” this down to specifics so that you can manage wellness in the context of your busy life.

You will be fully supported as You!Healing guides you every step of the way. It is our sincere hope and intention that You!Healing Fasting course will exceed your every expectation and leave you feeling lighter physically, emotionally and spiritually. The goal of You!Healing is also to empower you to take great care of yourself after the fast! Entire families are set up for a lifetime of wellness following our fully guided, cost-effective protocol to effectively slash inflammation, purge pathogens, and rebuild the gut biome.⁠

*The retreat opens on Valentine’s Day = most loving gift to self! But don’t worry, everyone can enjoy dinner with their honey. As in eat drink. We only brief on 14th and the fast starts on the 15th.

More information and registration page here:

Need more information or support in navigating your health concerns before making any decisions? You can book a 20-min FREE Breakthrough Consult with Anne Hockett:

Price: $1,100 USD – Two courses for the price of one!

You!Healing clients who pay for the programs will help serves people who cannot pay for any You!Healing programs in navigating unwellness. You will also support front-line health care workers by gifting them free immune-boosting herbal protocols.

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You!Healing Global Online Fasting Retreat

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The Bridge Team

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