Why Do You Hate Me?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” 

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

This week we are sharing an article that was posted by Green School parent, Dorene de Vries, and read openly in our Writer’s Club gathering. We asked her permission to republish it. Her words are powerful and timely as the largest viewed sporting event in the world begins this week. 


Do not tolerate me, nor accept me.

You are not in that position.

I am female, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother. I was born on Earth in this life in this body.

Because I came, I belong. Just like you. Although you are different. A male, a father, a son, a brother.

Just like me caring and protecting your loved ones. Make sure their home base is good, guiding them on their journey. Try to keep them healthy and safe. You and I are equally devastated when we lose a dear to death.

We are the same in so many ways and yet we differ a lot too. Which of course is just fine. 

We work and live, we have our own ways. There is so much to do. Let’s do it. Let’s go out every morning to make the world a better place.

But you don’t!

Obviously, you wake up preparing yourself to bring harm. You drink your coffee, kiss your wife, and kid and go out. To hurt. You close the door of your lovely house behind you. And begin to spread your hate. You hurt, hate, and humiliate women. You hurt, humiliate, and hate lesbians. You do that.

You don’t know me, but you hate me, you believe I am dirty. Have ‘a damage in my mind’. Have never experienced ‘a real man.’ 

Something terrible should happen to me so I can be cured. My kids should be taken away from me because I am no good for them.


I could have been the nurse on your bedside when you were in need. The one that washed you after you vomited. I was there when you were in pain and short of breath. You were afraid and I stood at your side bringing comfort. You liked it when I put my hands on your body, to sooth you. Your eyes stayed in mine when I told you it was safe. You relaxed, surrendered. An unspoken “Thank you” from your lips.

Or was it your brother or father that was in my care? Might have been your son?

Tell me why do you hate me? And tell me how do you explain this to your mother, your wife, your daughter?

And now you organize the 2022 FIFA World Championship. And people oppose you and you don’t like it. 

You don’t like to be judged. 

Currently, you are forced to withhold your opinions and tolerate gays and accept free women, and opponents in your country.

Do not tolerate me nor accept me. You are not in that position.

Please be open about your misogyny. I know you can do that. Please be honest. Please be your true self. Money and power. You and the ‘leaders’ of countries that have taken their seats in the official Gallery of your troubled stadiums.

I will not watch the 2022 FIFA World Championship. I cannot be a witness to a community of leaders that don’t care.

Dorene de Vries

November 9th 2022

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

Set on the campus of Green School Bali, The Bridge is a Co-learning center of change, inspiration and reflection. The Bridge provides a learning center for individuals to create a path to approach their work and life differently through greater learning opportunities, accelerated synchronicity, and meaningful connections.

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Why Do You Hate Me?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr. This week we are sharing

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