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Green Stone Mingle – Come and Support our Grade 12 Students

March 24 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

As our graduates enter their final semester we come together as a community to support the preparation for their Green Stone presentations in June.

The Bridge is hosting multiple meetings, and in each of them, 4 students will share their path, their challenges and we will have the opportunity to offer them guidance, suggestions, and most of all love and strength in such an important period of their lives.

A requirement for every Green School graduate is a capstone project, known as Green Stone. Green Stone is a year-long inquiry and process where students demonstrate a mastery of core skills and Green School skills. This can be a passion project, an area of interest, or a solution to a real-world problem. The Green Stone experience culminates in a 13-minute TED-style talk the week before graduation. It is a life-changing experience and prepares every student for their next adventure and arguably for the rest of their life. Green Stone is a process and an experience that not only develops skills but also provides a platform to demonstrate mastery of those skills.

Projects For This Day

Sierra Knight – Racism
For my project, I will be talking about racism against Asian Americans. I will be talking about my personal and family experiences with racism, the lack of media attention Asian hate crimes are in the mainstream media, and the hardships Asian Immigrants face.

Where do I need help? I need help with actually creating a project around my ideas. I wanna make a difference somehow.



Adam Liljencrantz – Svarta Svansen
I am creating a business that sells environmentally friendly backpacks which can also be customized on the website by the customers to the way they want it. The greenstone is just pitching this idea and the actual business will be created later on.

Where do I need help? In finding a well-experienced website maker who also has a good price.




Nanda Kepakisan – Bamboo Nursery
To put is very simply my project is to bring back the bamboo nursery. Although the main goal is for the bamboo nursery to be back up and running as before I also want to involve the community during this process. But I don’t want the process to simply be planting the bamboo and done, I want to also educate the community what goes behind the planting process, the impacts of bamboo on the environment, and what it can be used for.

Where do I need help? Something I would need help in would probably be someone that knows a lot about agriculture/plants.



Fynn Siemonsma – Exploring Community through Business.

For the last weeks I have been wrestling with 3 ideas; helping 4 local business people, Campervan business, & Bike shop. That is why I am having this talk to get your opinions to confirm. These three words all have a key for my future; Sustainability, Helping others, & Entrepreneurship.
I have a little advantage because last year with I was in college in Holland, I already had marketing, sales, and finance class, I discovered that entrepreneurship suits me, I learned to set up a profitable business.
I want to be an entrepreneur in combination with the green school mindset with an eye on human rights, sustainability, and community.

Where do I need help? Network, Ideas, & Mentor






The Green Stone will be happening every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:40 am – 12:30 pm.

This mingle is happening at The Bridge but we will Livestream it also.
Link To The Call
968 7401 8305



March 24
10:30 am - 12:30 pm