Building regenerative solution for Bali from the ground up – INKURI

Inkubator Usaha Lestari/INKURI or Youth Sustainable Enterprise Incubator is an entrepreneurial program that focuses on sustainability and circular economy with the aim of economic and social resilience. Our mission is to instill young generation with the ethicalpreneurs mindsets, skills, and confidence to solve the problems in their community, so they can strengthen the economy of their community sustainably.

INKURI is a 9-month green entrepreneurship incubation program that focuses on bringing back the economic resilience of Bali by reactivating craft, agro-food industry, as well as driving sustainable tourism. Currently, 27 teams coming from all 8 regions in Bali are incubating their green enterprise ideas.

For USD 1900 you fund a team of Balinese ethical enterprises to create solutions to their village’s environmental and social problems. This funding is key to unlocking new learning and sustainability-oriented economic opportunities for youth in Bali, and for their communities.

You will also increase Bali’s industry diversification, opportunity, and strengthen the economic resilience for future challenges.

We need all hands on deck to ensure Bali’s economy can recover with sustainability as its a new paradigm.

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Ugie Pratiwi

Ugie Pratiwi

Ugie Pratiwi is a Green School staff. She is from North Bali and now living in Tabanan with her husband and her little son. She loves books and dreams to open a library for Balinese kids. For now, she is only sending books to her old primary school in Singaraja and hope the kids will love books as much as she does.

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