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Zach Reznichek: Teacher. Gamer. Innovator

Zach Reznichek: Teacher. Gamer. Innovator


Zachary Reznicheck is a husband, father, highly progressive educator and published author of the Teacher Gamer Handbook. His own original idea. The Teacher Gamer concept can best be described as a tested game theory meets socio-emotional, narrative-driven framework to deploy and facilitate life-skills development, broaden subject teaching into narrative-based practicum, and expand literacy in academic skills and interpersonal skills. In short, a strategy for integrating Role-playing Classroom Games in Schools.

Born in LA, but lived in Montreal Canada for a large portion of his adult life, Zach holds a Masters degree in Education and describes himself as a “life-skills innovator” in regards to his expertise as an educator. Zach has worked in schools, homeschools, summer camps and youth workshops around the world, in which he is constantly refining his craft and evolving progressive educational concepts.

Zach’s passion and enthusiasm for his work is infectious, thought-provoking and inspiring. His desire to stay relevant, maintain a growth-mindset and lead other educators in developing new skill-sets is super impressive. Im always drawn to those that are living their dream, taking action to utilise personal interests and skill-sets that can be shared with the world to help others. Zach is the epitome of this.

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