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What Languages Are Spoken In Indonesia?

What languages are spoken in Indonesia?

This article is written by Jembatan Bahasa

As an Indonesian language teacher, I am often asked by my international students about languages spoken in Indonesia. This question normally occurs after my students find out people in Bali have different accents and they hear different languages on the street. So, in this blog post, I want to answer the question.

There are 653 languages spoken in Indonesia. This includes one official language Bahasa Indonesia, and 652 regional languages spoken across the country. The number of local languages has been verified by the Language Department of Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Indonesia’s Official Language

Indonesian language or Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia. The root of this language is Malay which belongs to the Austronesian language. Malay has been widely used for centuries as a lingua franca in the archipelago. Besides in Indonesia, Malay varieties are also used in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei Darussalam as one of their official languages.  

In addition to Malay, Indonesian vocabulary heavily influenced by other local languages such as Javanese, Minangkabau, and Sundanese. Indonesian language also borrows words from foreign languages such as English, Arabic, Dutch, Sanskrit, and Portuguese.

Bahasa Indonesia is primarily used in education, administration, and media, so in this modern time, every Indonesian speaks the language. If you want to communicate with Indonesians during your travel, Bahasa Indonesia is the first language you need to learn. Apart from its popularity, it is a simple language compared to other local languages in the country.

Major Local Languages in Indonesia

With 652 local languages, Indonesia is the second most linguistically diverse nation in the world after Papua New Guinea. Most of these languages are part of Austronesian language family and Papuan languages.

To feed your curiosity, I list eight major local languages and their short descriptions below. For other languages, you can check out this Wikipedia page.

Javanese language – 68.2 million speakers

This language is mostly spoken in the middle and the eastern parts of Java island. As many Javanese people migrate to other islands in Indonesia, the language is widely spread across the country. Surprisingly, Javanese language is also used in other countries like Suriname, New Caledonia, Singapore, and Malaysia where people with Javanese descendants are significant in numbers.

Sundanese language – 32.4 million speakers

It is spoken by Sunda ethnic group who resides in western part of Java island.

Maduranese language – 7.7 million speakers

It is the main local language on the island of Madura, in the province of East Java. Like Javanese, this language can be heard across the country as many Maduranese people migrate to other islands.

Bahasa Bugis – 4.3 million speakers

It is widely spoken in South Sulawesi where most Bugis tribe reside.

Minangkabau language – 4.2 million speakers

Minangkabau or Minang language is one of many Malay variations that is used in the province of West Sumatera and Sembilan state, Malaysia.

Banjar language – 3.6 million speakers

It is the main language in South Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo).

Acehnese language – 3.5 million speakers

It is spoken in the northern part of Sumatera island.

Balinese language – 3.3 million speakers

This language is used by Balinese people on the islands of Bali, the western part of Lombok, and the eastern part of Java. (Check also languages spoken in Bali)

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