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Vovo Pedro’s Children

Vovo Pedro’s Children

Vovo Pedro started out as a collaboration of some of the world’s most talented and skilled people coming together in Bali by sheer chance.  This flowed into putting a team in place, in quarantine together at 5 properties within the Green Village.  We magically had all the elements to make Vovo Pedro a reality. 

The team being lead by Paola Martis, the founder of Lavandaia and Índio Gallo a world renowned Alchemist.  The supporting team included a top notch Brazilian chef and helpers to nourish us, a lab kitchen to make the magic happen, a group of hunter gathers, a production lab staff and distribution and logistics team. All these people became Vovo Pedro’s Children.  

The “A” Team!

Vovo Pedro’s Lung tonic, is a tonic made from all local readily available ingredients.  The tonic is distributed to local communities for free.  Vovo Pedro was produced to support the upper respiratory system through these Covid  times. Not only is it good for Covid, it’s also great for fighting the effects of air pollution.  You know when your neighbor is burning trash and you have that cough that just won’t go away?

Vovo Pedro Lung Tonic

Through  donations from individuals, growers, organizations, communities making exchanges of ingredients for the tonic, and our team working from the heart , we have managed to build new relationships with local communities, giving people hope through these hard times. Our distribution is voice to voice , heart to heart.  For me personally beside learning so much, it taught me the power and intricacies of community, the power of the plants around us and the true power of ancient medicines in physical and emotional health.  I have taken classes with Mestre Indio all three times he has come to Bali and now having spent time on another level making medicines in a time of world crisis, living as a community, working together as a team .  It’s like a puzzle whose pieces coming together and the image reveals itself, teaching us more of life lessons. Don’t get wrong, like everything, we had our rough patches, we worked the kinks out.  In the end a good portion of Vovo Pedro’s Children have gone back to Brazil and a core group is here to continue,  but we are connected for life and I look forward our next collaboration.  

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