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Tim Fijal: Just A Dude That Cares

Tim Fijal: Just a dude that cares


Tim is an educator, husband, father, and basically, a dude that cares. Tim graduated from the University of British Colombia with a degree in French and Linguistics, he was the Director of Little Mountain learning academy in Vancouver Canada, he had a stint working in Silicon Valley as a corporate trainer, he taught English in Korea (and met his wife in the process), he was Head of Admissions at the globally recognized Green School and more recently, he is the founder and director of the Kul Kul Connection, a community integration initiative that endeavors to support and develop English and eco-literacy skills in the local Balinese youth and community of Sibang Kaja and beyond. A dedicated family man, Tim co-founded Tri-Upcycle with his son Ben, a social enterprise that uses up-cycled materials to promote conscious consumption and a planet Earth with more trees. Tim’s sincere affinity and identification with Asian culture and local lore are profoundly obvious, especially through his work with the Kul Kul Connection, the true heart of the Green school…In this week’s episode, Tim is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.

Note: This is a personal project of Shannon Farrugia, a Green School teacher, called the “Terrible Happy Talks”. The Terrible Happy Talks (THT) podcast is an extension of his desire to give back and be of service. He’s intrigued by people, he like stories, deep conversations and learning. For Shannon, when he takes the time to listen to someone else’s life story, their challenges, successes, experiences, and hopes for the future, he identify with elements of their journey almost every time. Make sure you check out more of his episodes here:

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