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Voice. We all have one. Everyone has a beautiful story to share, a new perspective on the world. 

Our Blogs are designed to provide a voice to people who want to change the world for the better. 

Voice. Yours matters.

Welcome to Green School for Grown Ups. 

The Teacher Gamer Revolution is on!

The “future of education”. What does it look like? Everyone in a box on their…

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The Bali Hope Challenge

Be a SUPER Hero! DATE: 30 May 2020. 👉 JOIN OUR FRIENDS OVER AT Bali…

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The Future of Education (w/ Chris Thompson)

Isabelle is interviewing Chris Thompson and they talk about the future of education. Chris is…

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The Time Is Now: Protecting The Amazon – A Conversation With Thomas Lovejoy, Sarah DuPont & Rodney Robinson

This Wednesday, Amazon Aid Foundation presents a virtual discussion with leading experts on biodiversity and…

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Support Needy Families in Bali with a Water Filter

With COVID 19, most of the local people in Bali have lost their jobs and livelihoods…

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Crop Circles – JESSE DRIVER

Crop circles have remained mysterious to people for decades.  Hard core skeptics simply say they…

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Making Your Own Mini Worm Farm for Home Composting – ANDY ASHO

Staying at home during this COVID-19 pandemic challenge our creativity as a parent. Not only…

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UFOs in The New York Times – JESSE DRIVER

Over the last three years, the New York Times has published a series of articles…

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River of Gold – free documentary

In honor of Earth Day 2020, the Amazon Aid Foundation, in partnership with Journeys In…

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Call for Scholarship Applications! “Growing a Food Forest: Agroforestry Course and Implementation with Arthur Venturella”

Bali, 3-5 February 2020 About Agroforestry Course and Implementation Many of the sustainable farming practices…

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If you are interested in contributing please submit your story here.  Your voice matters

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