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The Medicine Of Consciousness (w/ Dr. Bruce Lipton)

The Medicine of Consciousness (w/ Dr. Bruce Lipton)

What are you doing – you alone – to safeguard your personal health and well-being? It’s a question that keeps popping up for me.

Ultimately, who’s responsible for healthcare? Governments? Doctors? Pharmaceutical companies, perhaps? How about hospitals?

This week’s guest, Dr. Bruce Lipton, offers some insight. His 2005 book, Biology of Belief unleashed a flurry of new questions and critique around the role of conventional science and the attempt by the pharmaceutical industry to kidnap and control the health destiny of each and every individual. Big stuff!

Bruce is no stranger to controversy. In the fifteen years since his book’s publication he’s pursued his science and unraveled the mysteries of the human body, the behavior of the human cell, and the nature-born ability of each of us to manage our health by adjusting to the conditions of our respective environments.

This is a conversation in three parts. First, Lipton explains the function of the cell the way Dylan puts words to music. In part two of the discussion, we talk about the pharmaceutical sectors attempt to create much of what the body already does naturally. And finally, I ask him to envision a healthcare system less dependent on pharmaceuticals and more dependent on self-awareness and consciousness.

Sound radical? Well, it’s not. It’s science.


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