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The Green Leadership Course

The Green Leadership Course

The Green Leadership course series is where we bring you interviews and case studies of leadership in action, and feature skills and values that leaders can incorporate into their own professional journey.

This session will give you the opportunity to hear from two inspiring local leaders about their approaches to leadership and the strategies they use to lead their teams.

The profiles of our guest speakers for the session are below.

Authentic Leadership
Farwiza Farhan
Chairperson of Yayasan HAkA

Farwiza Farhan is fighting to protect the last wilderness areas of the Leuser  Ecosystem in Aceh, Indonesia. This region is unique since it is the last place on Earth where iconic species such as tigers, orangutans, elephants, and rhinoceros still coexist in the wild. To protect the unique biodiversity in the region, Farwiza Farhan founded the NGO HAkA. And through HAkA, she became the voice of local leaders and organizations in the fight against the exploitation and human expansion threatening the Leuser Ecosystem. Among their achievements is the remarkable legal victory against attempts to turn areas of this ecosystem into oil palm plantations. This way, Farwiza empowers local communities to defend their ecosystem against external economic interests. By becoming the legal voice against the extirpation of natural value from this unique ecosystem, Farwiza hopes to shift the balance of power to the local level, the people of Aceh.

HAkA is an NGO dedicated to the protection, conservation and restoration of the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Navigating the Digital Work World and Maintaining Team’s Happiness
Irma Sitompul 
Co-founder & Director of Pratisara Bumi Foundation
Co-founder & Director of For Good Impact 

Irma is the founder of the Pratisara Bumi Foundation, an ecosystem builder for grassroots sustainable development. She developed community-centered programs with youth and women across the Indonesian archipelago that catalyzes positive change for the people and planet.
Irma is also the founder and director of For Good, a sustainability-focused consultancy group. She works with organizations and social enterprises in accelerating their impact and expanding their reach through communications and community engagement. Irma has extended experiences in business development, entrepreneurship, communication strategy, and environmental management.
A Master of Environment from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Indonesia, allow Irma to combine her knowledge and skills to make an impact on sustainability through her work.
Her mission is to make sure entrepreneurs and changemakers have the tools and knowledge to run their projects in the most responsible way possible. As a result, she’s been deeply involved in several acceleration programs and events as a mentor and facilitator, such as the Ocean Youth Summit, UNDP’s Youth Co: Lab, Food for the Future, and Startup Weekend.

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