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Our talks offer learnings on new skills or approaches to help you both personally and professionally. And the majority of these talks come from your peers at The Bridge.


The Bridge Talks

Life gets busy and we don’t want to add to your stress. We record and archive all of our talks for you to enjoy at your leisure. So grab that cup of coffee, find a quiet moment and enjoy your lifelong learning journey

The Bridge Team

Realising the Super You – Will Travis

Bali offers an amazing space to reflect, reconnect and take charge of what really matters in life. But many of us need help to reignite now clouded intentions and self-belief

The Bridge Team

Investment and A Case Study – Luke Janssen

Luke Janssen is a Green School parent who has launched multiple businesses around the world. He’ll share his insights on his own launch here in Bali as well as giving an

The Bridge Team

A Regenerative Lifestyle in Bali – Sophie Woo & Pauline O’Brien

In recent decades, we’ve lost immense respect for what healthy soil, clean air, and freshwater offer us. Commercial agriculture and overconsumption are causing tremendous environmental damage and health concerns. Regenerative

The Bridge Team

Connecting Dreams and Wishes – Gil Petersil

Identifying the way men and women set a goal and what they do to achieve it. – Co-manifestation – Utilising the network – Building and engaging the community Gil Petersil

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