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Life long learnings collected throughout the years.

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Our talks offer learnings on new skills or approaches to help you both personally and professionally. And the majority of these talks come from your peers at The Bridge.


The Bridge Talks

Life gets busy and we don’t want to add to your stress. We record and archive all of our talks for you to enjoy at your leisure. So grab that cup of coffee, find a quiet moment and enjoy your lifelong learning journey

The Bridge Team

Faces of Green School – Belinda Sircombe-Jellet

Come and engage in a fun, insightful, and lively “fireside” chat with the queen of Wild Fitness and beloved community member, Belinda Sircombe-Jellett. Led by our fellow, long-time parent, Walker Zabriskie,

Ugie Pratiwi

Celebrating The Super You – Will Travis

Are you creative, an organizer, a leader, or a people person? This coming holiday period, be prepared to reflect and celebrate how each of us is different through an awesome

The Bridge Team

Living with Snake in Bali – Ron Lilley

Bali’s ‘Snake Whisperer’ Ron Lilley will give an illustrated talk about living with snakes in Bali and will include dealing with a snake phobia, why snakes come into our houses,

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Have an expertise or life experience that you want to share with the community? Please reach out to us, we always encourage community members to share their skills and stories.