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Sustainability In A Global And Holistic Point Of View

Sustainability in a Global and Holistic Point of View

During this COVID-19 pandemic, The Bridge at Green School Bali tried it best to still serve our community to be the center of change, inspiration and reflection. We come up with online talks happening every week and yesterday we have Benjamin Casteillo presenting about “Sustainability in a Global and Holistic Point of View”. Please check out the recording below:

Benjamin Casteillo is the founder of New World Together a think tank and advocacy group dedicated to supporting the global transition toward sustainability. After a successful international corporate career of more than 10 years as a senior manager and expert consultant, Benjamin decided to take a leap of faith in order to find a meaningful purpose. Following a groundbreaking inner journey of reconnection, healing and realisation, he is now dedicating his life to help humanity in these challenging times by sharing the unique knowledge and understanding he acquired on his journey.

In this online talk arranged by The Bridge at Green School Bali, he explained sustainability in different approach as we live in a multidimensional and infinite reality which can be often overwhelming to embrace from a relative, limited and subjective point of view. His talk focus on how to accept, understand and integrate this multidimensionality in order to develop and sharpen our perceptions and comprehension of reality. You will receive groundbreaking knowledge back with real life examples, together with cognitive methods and tools to further open their minds and widen their perspective.

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