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Quitting Your Job And Starting A Company – Luke Janssen & Rebecca Yik

Quitting Your Job and Starting a Company – Luke Janssen & Rebecca Yik

If you aren’t working in Bali – this could be a good time to start something. People are working too hard for too long in crappy jobs they don’t like. Most companies aren’t doing the right thing by their workers and certainly not by the planet.

We will tell the stories of how a few people broke away from the grind and started their own companies – which were birthed (in part) at the Bridge.

15 years ago Luke Janssen quit his job at KPMG and build Tigerspike, a 300 person technology company across 8 offices. After selling Tigerspike Luke moved to Bali with his 3 kids who now go to the green school. Luke now works with Rebecca Yik (also speaking) to help people quit their jobs and start their own companies.

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