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The Bridge Podcast

Learn, inspire, share and connect

Magical gems appear every day at The Bridge but we realize not everyone can make it to our Colearning space here in the jungles of Bali.  Our Podcasts are your friends in your ears, to enjoy in your own time and at your own pace. 

Welcome to Green School for Grown Ups.


At The Bridge you can learn something new every day. Our talks offer learnings on new skills or approaches to help you both personally and professionally. And the majority of these talks come from your peers at The Bridge. Be open to change and learning something new. It’s never too late!


We launched The Bridge to bring communities together and to share on the communal wisdom of our members and community. Our Berbagi Talks are established to allow local Indonesian to have focused discussions in their own language and with their own agendas. These talks are open to everyone — but you need to speak Indonesian!


Join us for weekly practice on mindfulness as Ibu Nicola takes us on a journey to ground, connect and be present. Ibu Nicola has been leading Yoga Nidra and mindfulness practice at Green School for years so we welcome here the calming effect she brings. Sit back, relax and enjoy with the rest of the Green School community.


An engaging and community-driven learning environment.


Bringing the community together


Conversations with Asia’s leading movers, shakers, thinkers, and provocateurs. By Steve Stine

Solar’s New Shine (w/ Gavin Adda)

This week my guest is Gavin Adda, CEO of Total Solar Asia. He is one…

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The Future of Food (w/ Isabelle Decitre)

My guest this week is Isabelle Decitre, CEO of Singapore-based ID Capital. She’s a future-of-food…

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 A human journey. Experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future. Recorded in the Bali jungle, by Shannon Farrugia

Zach Reznichek: Teacher. Gamer. Innovator

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Zachary Reznicheck is a husband, father, highly progressive educator and…

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Dr. Changa Kurukuluratne: Why the pandemic is an opportunity to unite, not divide.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE Dr Changa is a medical doctor specialising in infectious diseases,…

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