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Orin Hardy: Creating Spaces

Orin Hardy: Creating spaces


Orin Hardy is a husband, educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of The Kul Kul Farm and Bamboo U, two globally recognised “hands-on” education enterprises based in Bali. Orin dedicates his time to creating spaces and opening up new possibilities for people to learn how to incorporate sustainability into their lives. Combining his international expertise with local knowledge, Orin facilitates and teaches courses related to hands-on living, permaculture design, gardening, and bamboo construction. Orin was raised in a Balinese village, surrounded by rivers and jungle, he then moved to North America where he witnessed the disconnect between humans and nature in the modern world. He now spends his time devoted to reconnecting people to nature. Orin has just returned from India where he was a guest speaker at INK2019, a conference that provides a collaborative platform for innovation, focused on cultivating leaders from diverse disciplines. On this week’s episode, Orin is with me to share his journey, experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.

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Note: This is a personal project of Shannon Farrugia, a Green School teacher, called the “Terrible Happy Talks”. The Terrible Happy Talks (THT) podcast is an extension of his desire to give back and be of service. He’s intrigued by people, he like stories, deep conversations and learning. For Shannon, when he takes the time to listen to someone else’s life story, their challenges, successes, experiences, and hopes for the future, he identify with elements of their journey almost every time. Make sure you check out more of his episodes here:

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