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New Ending

New Ending

You!Healing is offering a FREE 2 month-long conversation space where we, together, accept the challenge to have the hard conversations around colour, race, discrimination, entitlement and use of power.

I was asked to call this “White Space” and take on the responsibility of gathering white people. That felt confining given the broad diversity of my client base and the reality that I live in the multi-cultural soup of Asia.

So I hope that it’s appropriate to expand the invitation to ALL people who resonate with this powerful quote:

We’ll meet in the Zoom Room every Wednesday from 3-4 PM Singapore/Bali time. The meetings will not be recorded. A WhatsApp group will be created where suggested readings and viewings are dropped in 3 times a week. And, a separate WA group will be created for conversations. Clear, safe, and peaceful guidelines for dialog will be presented in our first meeting.

The purpose of this space is to consider a deeper understanding of how the beginning got written, our collective roles in the writing, and our responsibility to reframe a better ending. An ending that oozes from our shared humanity.

What does this have to do with healing….



Note: This is a project of Anne Hocket, a Green School parent and the founder of YOU!HEALING. For over 4 decades Anne’s work has concentrated on the healthcare field. She have applied her work experience, research and teaching skills to better understand how modern medicine and traditional, gentle, natural approaches can be most effectively integrated.

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