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#9 “New E.R.A.: Engaging, Respecting And Acting” –  ANTONIA MASCARENHAS

#9 “New E.R.A.: Engaging, Respecting and Acting” – ANTONIA MASCARENHAS

A “New E.R.A.” has begun and the time to Engage, Respect and Act towards sustainable development solutions is NOW. In this presentation, geographer, environmentalist and social activist, Antonia Mascarenhas will discuss the importance of local and global community engagement strategies and share her step-by-step methodology on how to design integrated community development programs.

Antonia Mascarenhas has been dedicating her professional life to the co-creation, management, and implementation of socio-economic development projects across the world. She wants to contribute to a “New E.R.A.” of society where women and men will have the right to develop to their full potential while living a life connected with the environment. For that, she aims to inspire many to think about the different communities around them, how they relate to them and what paths each person can create in order to promote the changes they want to see. Antonia graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a double major in Environmental Studies and Geography, and holds an MBA in Management from PUC Rio de Janeiro.

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