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Lockdown To Rebound (w/ Anne Hockett)

Lockdown to Rebound (w/ Anne Hockett)

Lockdown to Rebound. That’s the theme of this episode. But unlike other episodes where we ferret out experts living and operating in the greater Asia region, this conversation brings it all back home – literally.

Hunkered down in Singapore, I – like many of you – have had ample time to contemplate life and some of the bigger questions. We’ve all employed coping mechanisms, started new hobbies, or maybe just caught up on sleep. There’s no right or wrong solution. It’s all about creating some peace of mind, but also developing a few practices to better build physical and mental well-being.

Fifteen years ago, Anne created Youhealing, a service designed to offer health, nutrition, and wellness advice. Over the years she’s consulted with thousands of clients on how to best restore and preserve good health. She’s been talking about the importance of boosting the immune system longer than anyone I know. That seemed like appropriate fodder in a world where personal healthcare responsibility is the custom of the day.

So it is, on the occasion of our nightly dialog, that we turned our attention to what life in lockdown has taught us. We also ventured into what can be done to combat a virus for which there’s currently no medical solution.


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