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Leslie Medema: The Principal

Leslie Medema: The Principal


Leslie Medema is the Principal (Head of School) at one of the most unique and progressive international schools in the world. She is a strong advocate for educational reform, a champion for the people and tenacious visionary. Leslie discusses growing up in South Dakota, her school years, her attraction to South East Asia, her tenure as Principal at the Green School Bali, being appointed as a relatively ‘young’ leader, her challenges, experiences, hopes for the future of education and much much more…

Note: This is a personal project of Shannon Farrugia, a Green School teacher, called the “Terrible Happy Talks”. The Terrible Happy Talks (THT) podcast is an extension of his desire to give back and be of service. He’s intrigued by people, he like stories, deep conversations and learning. For Shannon, when he takes the time to listen to someone else’s life story, their challenges, successes, experiences, and hopes for the future, he identify with elements of their journey almost every time. Make sure you check out more of his episodes here:

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