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“From Limitations To Possibilities – What The Last 12 Months Taught Us“ – Green Educators Talk

“From limitations to possibilities – What the last 12 months taught us“ – Green Educators Talk

Do you remember 2020 as a year of limitations or of new possibilities? Curious to know how it shaped our present and future?

Our members of Green School Bali faculty invite you to join them in a conversation on what they have learned and are still learning. These past 12 months have been challenging and eye-opening at the same time. As we are forced to slow down and listen to nature’s call, education demands a new approach. In this talk, Green School Bali Educators will share takeaway ideas and practical tips on how to find opportunities in the limitations of today.

Watch the conversation. Hear about what motivates them, what has inspired them, and real stories about REAL learning.

Panelists’ bio: 

Andy Ashton

Andy is a classroom primary teacher at Green School Bali. He taught in the Australian school system for decades before seeking out a learning space that actively encourages nature-aware experiential learning, project-based activities and a place where each day the teacher learns as much as the students. Having landed at Green School Bali he has enjoyed a year teaching in these ways, before going on-line for 3 terms, and trying to make experiential learning work in an online setting. Now back on-campus, he’s keen to explore the lessons we are learning from ‘forced’ online learning, and how it can change the future of education. 

Francis Mollet

Francis is a Jack of all trades currently teaching High school literacy, languages, capoeira, mindfulness/well-being, design and bin-making.  Since coming to Green School nearly 7 years ago seeking to learn more about experiential service-based learning, co-teaching and the long-overdue makeover of education, he has taught a number of different courses across all areas of the school from Primary to High School but his passion project is still SOAP – Student Ocean Ambassadors Program™.  He believes limitations can be a boon for creativity and is keen to explore the possibilities to galvanise a shift in the priorities in education during these testing times towards a more holistic, student-centred approach. 

Harriett Burrows

Harriett is a lifelong learner who arrived at Green School Bali five years ago. She is currently the High School Student Advisor, as well as teaching Well Being, Social Studies and Literacy. During her time at Green School, Harriett has worked on chicken projects, river booms, service trips to Raja Ampat, the Green School Student Association and talked about periods more than she ever thought by supporting the Menstruation MIssion project. Working alongside students both in the triumphs and the challenges is what drives her passion for teaching. The COVID Pandemic has certainly added a few more challenges and also a place to highlight the importance of student driven, skill based learning in fostering the ability to adapt and create. Harriett is excited to see how education systems reflect on these sudden changes and to encourage the conversation on how to find growth from limitation.

Michael Spicer

Michael is continuing his learning journey in this, his 2nd year at Green School. With 9 years previously as an educator in the international school system, he has transitioned his experience in project based learning and technology integration to a skills and values based approach to learning. As a classroom primary teacher and project manager for online course development, an area that has taken priority for his own personal growth as an educator has been the importance of social emotional learning and fostering a sense of belonging. While the importance of connecting with our  students, parents, & colleagues hasn’t changed, the “space” in which we do it has. He has yet to speak with an educator who objects to incorporating their recent personal and professional learning into their future teaching practices, who wants to return to “the old way”. Michael is intrigued at the potential for innovation yet to evolve from dialogue, discussions, and heart-to-hearts within our educational community.

Rahayu Kusuma Pratiwi

Rahayu is currently teaching high school mathematics and science. After graduating 5 years ago, she started her career and gained so much experience at Green School Bali from co-teaching, project-based learning, Jalan-Jalan class, service trip, and Model United Nations Conference. She enjoyed being a teacher for the future of changemakers. However, creating an active and engaging learning experience during this pandemic is a huge challenge for all teachers. Rahayu believes that thinking creatively, adapting and collaboration are the most important skills for future education. 

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