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Francis Mollet: Wayfinding – By Shannon Farrugia

Francis Mollet: Wayfinding – by Shannon Farrugia


Francis Mollet is an environmental activist, teacher, surfer, musician, husband, and father of two. Originally from Portugal, Francis has spent much of his life around the ocean and enjoying the natural environment. His career as a Teacher has led him (and his family) half-way around the world. His passion and love for the ocean inspired him to found and lead the Student Ocean Ambassador Program (SOAP) at The Green School, Bali, in which he started in 2014. Since then, the program has evolved into a student-led, project-based, ocean and conservationist program that initiates regular beach and reef clean-ups, trash re-purposing, advocating for the use of plastic alternative solutions to consumer needs, raising awareness about climate issues via festivals and events and the list goes on. However, most importantly, the program teaches students to connect to their environment, connect with traditional landowners, traditional lore and make change. REAL change. A truly inspirational initiative. Recently Francis and his team of SOAP student representatives flew to Hawaii, funded by Parley for the Oceans to attend a youth summit on ocean conservation strategies, activism and raising awareness. One of the many steps in the journey towards saving our planet’s most important resource. The ocean. Francis is with me on this week’s episode to discuss his journey, challenges and hopes for the future. 

Note: This is a personal project of Shannon Farrugia, a Green School teacher, called the “Terrible Happy Talks”. The Terrible Happy Talks (THT) podcast is an extension of his desire to give back and be of service. He’s intrigued by people, he like stories, deep conversations and learning. For Shannon, when he takes the time to listen to someone else’s life story, their challenges, successes, experiences, and hopes for the future, he identify with elements of their journey almost every time. Make sure you check out more of his episodes here:

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