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Green Stone Sharing Session 2023-24

As our graduates enter their final year we come together as a community to support the preparation for their Green Stone presentations in June. The Bridge is hosting multiple meetings, and in each of them, 5 students will share their path, and their challenges, and we will have the opportunity to offer them guidance, suggestions, […]

It’s Time We Talked – Sex Ed Workshop for Caring Adults – Gen Lean

If you are a parent or carer of a child, tween, or teen and would like to talk to your young person about puberty, relationships, crushes, feelings, being safe, bodies, boundaries, consent, sex, sexuality, gender, sexy stuff online, pornography, etc... you may wish to attend this workshop. As parents and carers, you are your young […]

Bamboo Palooza Launching 2023

You're invited! It's that time of the year parents. Get along to the Bamboopalooza 2023 launch event for the scoop on all you need to help bring our School festival of diversity to life. It's your one-stop shop for details on the event format, resources, ideas exchange, support, and Q&A Don't miss the chance to […]

Your Thoughts Create Your Life – Nicole Bridger

Everything is frequency, even your thoughts. Habitual thoughts form belief systems that form your life experience. In order to create a shift in any aspect of our life; health, wealth, or relationships, we need to heal the subconscious mind and connect to the wisdom of our soul. Nicole will leave you with simple tools to […]

Crossing The Bridge of Novel Writing – Sandra Radice, Abi Shaw & Chris Thompson

Green School is an inspiring place filled with talented parents. Many in our community wish to write or complete a book, and Bali is the perfect place to pursue this journey. Come join us as three Green School parents offer insights and share their stories as to how they published their first novels.   Abi […]

Scale Climate Action – Impact Investment

Impact Investment - Unlocking New Regenerative Business Opportunities in SE Asia As we build the regenerative economy of the future, there is the opportunity to create a new more holistic framework to fully capture value and impact. This framework will go beyond traditional financial valuations to encompass broader metrics including ecological, social, cultural, and educational […]

Two Alumni, One mission, and a few Questions

This is a sharing session from two alumni of Green School. Two Green School Alumni, Henry, and Noah, are putting their passion for adventure and their drive to build community into action with a new project in the mountains of Japan. Since graduating from Green School in 2021, Henry and Noah have searched for a […]

Hope in the Dark Night: Life Lessons from Spiritual Pilgrimage – Miles

This is a sharing session for Green School Parents. A dark moon, a broken temple, a fallen guru, these are the archetypes that emerged on our recent sacred journey to Indonesia. Along with these symbols also came a message of hope, the light of a new day, our innate unwavering capacity to heal, and the […]

Conscious Evolution Collage – Benjamin Casteillo

This is a sharing session for Green School Parents. The Conscious Evolution Collage is an innovative, participatory, and collaborative workshop to understand our global challenges of sustainability, their underlying causes, and their solutions. This access to breakthrough knowledge is a key first step for everyone to choose how to act effectively, in line with the […]

Introduction to Conscious Communication- the NVC method – Ivana

How many times have you had the same conversation over and over again, with your partner, children or colleagues, etc, never getting any results, only to find yourself going deeper into misunderstandings, blame, insults, and anger? The NVC method uncovers the ego-driven belief system and teaches us how to become aware of the feelings and […]

Conversations about Value and Waste / An Artist’s Perspective – liina Klaus

This talk explores perceptions of value versus waste, exemplified in the body of work of land-artist liina klauss. The German-born Bali and Hong Kong-based artist has been working with found objects for the past 12 years. In her works, the objects intrinsically stay the same, but the perception of their worth, beauty, and belonging, changes […]

The Great Parents Paddle

Want to try something new that’s fun, impactful, and completely different? Be a canoe warrior by paddling out around the mangroves, enjoying this remarkable ecosystem, while armed with nets and tongs to collect any rubbish you can find around the mangroves. No canoeing experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure! We will set off […]

How to build sustainably in Bali – Florian Holm

This is a sharing session for Green School Parents. Bali is in a building boom with lots of precious nature being sacrificed for big concrete developments. Yet there are ways to build sustainably enhancing nature more than impacting by making sure the right sustainable materials are used, there is less ground closure, and the existing […]

Your Mission: Coral Restoration

Why: Our reefs are under serious threat and retreating at an unprecedented rate. You can help! Dive and plant some new reefs with us! Give a day of your time, make the day count for the planet! This is a part of my project in which we will help Livingseas to reach their target: replanting 5 […]

Forge Founder’s Course 1 – Jordan

This is a sharing session to support the student's project. This is a hands-on course where parents will have an opportunity to learn the fundamental skills of decorative blacksmithing. All funds contribute to the construction of a blacksmithing station for use by the GS community! Over the course of 2 2-hour sessions, you will be […]

Discover Freediving Experience – Dan

Discover Freediving is an introductory freediving experience that allows you to see the amazing underwater life as well as to hold your breath for the first time. You will learn how to use your body and mind to explore the underwater world with a single breath under the guidance of a certified Apnea Academy freediving […]

Mental Health from Teenagers’ Perspective – Emilia, Stella, Mathilda (MS Students), alongside Natalia (Arts Therapy)

Middle School Wellness Warriors Committee members, Emilia Khemka, Stella Worthington, and Mathilda Erdbrink Johnson alongside Art Therapist Natalia Lobo-Guerrero are presenting to MS Parents on 'Mental health from teenagers' Perspective'. They will discuss the neuroscience of the teenage brain and how parents can support Middle Schoolers during this difficult period. Venue: Sangkep For Middle School […]

Scale Climate Action November Meetup

Regeneration and Relationality: Economics for the 21st Century Join Benjamin Freud Ph.D and the Scale Climate Action community, as we close the current series of meetups with a thought-provoking and enriching exploration into regenerative approaches and responses to our changing natural systems. We'll hear about emergent ideas on learning, place, and relationality with living systems. […]

Creating & Investing in Impact Startups – Luke & Bec

After selling his technology company in 2017, Luke moved to Bali and, with Rebecca Yik, set up Mangosteen Venture Studio ( to create and invest in purpose-driven startups. Luke and Bec will share everything that Luke did wrong over the last 5 years so that if you are thinking of investing in startups, you know […]

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