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Wonders of Galungan

Bali’s enchanting aura has always mesmerized everyone. The richness of its culture has been intricately woven with tradition for decades. As inhabitants of the island of Gods, it is impossible not to fall in love with Balinese life and the local wisdom. Join us in these hands-on activities accompanied by cultural insights about the meaning […]

Regenerative Farm Tour – Astungkara Way

Come on a walk from the bridge at Green School to the verdant rice paddies of Subak Uma Lambing with Tim Fijal and the Astungkara Way team. Learn about and participate in the regenerative movement that is underway right next door to the Green School campus. Regenerative FARM TOUR Program Time          […]

Voices 2024

Dear Community, Thank you for supporting the VOICES performance, “A collection of performance pieces amplifying voices of strength and survival related to gender-based violence.” This is the eighth annual evening theatre production with performances by high school students, teachers, and parents.     The performance starts at 6 pm sharp. Doors Open at 5 pm. Please […]

Bahasa Indonesia Class – Jembatan Bahasa

Join our Bahasa Indonesia group class and learn alongside fellow members of the Bridge community. This class is designed to be practical and interactive, with the aim of enabling you to apply your language skills in real-life interactions with local people. . . It is intended for participants at multiple skill levels, but you will […]


Join us for the first session of our new weekly program, "Breathwork - Functional Breathing and Nervous System Regulation." Explore key breathwork concepts to enhance day-to-day breathing and regulate the nervous system. It's a brief yet powerful journey into improved well-being and performance. Don't miss out – let's breathe better together! Hi, I'm Harsha, a […]

Elevating Purpose – Phill O’Leary

Come and take part in a heartwarming Bridge Workshop, "Elevating Purpose”, hosted by accomplished photographer and documentary filmmaker, Phill O'Leary, at The Green School on Thursday, 22 February at 9 am. We will embark on a journey to reassess life paths and how to foster a sense of unity and support amongst the Green School […]

Pitching Day

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Project Bank Pitching Day session in 2024! This event is not only designed for students but for the entire Green School community. We aim to explore and encourage brilliant project ideas and provide opportunities for their development. Do not miss the chance to gain insight into the innovative […]

Knowing Doing Gap – Kai Oja

How many times have you said "I know!" and you still keep doing it? Or you don't start doing something you know you should. I would like to tell you more about the knowing and doing gap. And not just tell, but show you how to finally do something you already know you should do. […]

Introducing the Equity Action Committee

Have you heard about the Equity Action Committee, but aren’t sure who we are or what we do? Interested in learning about Social Justice work? Come and hear more about what we mean when we talk about equity and how we’re working towards an equitable Green School parent community. This talk is happening at The […]

The Founders Odyssey – John Hardy and Cynthia Hardy

A rare and exclusive chance to discover the spark, the vision and the journey of Green School Bali from John and Cynthia Hardy. Walk the campus and engage in the most insightful conversation of the year with the visionaries behind the creation of all we are today. Join John and Cynthia on the odyssey tour […]

Cultural Immersion – Green School Foundation

On the next Cultural Immersion with Green School Foundation, join us  for a unique water blessing excursion! Climb aboard the Bio Bus and journey to a stunning purification site. This guided experience will immerse yourself in Balinese culture, while connecting deeply with nature. To top off the day, indulge in a traditional Balinese lunch at […]

Healthspan: Enhance How You Look, Feel, and Function – Shuba Dhage and Rajiv Arapurakal

Join Shuba Dhage and Rajiv Arapurakal for a discussion  on personalized strategies for health enhancement and optimal living through whole person health. Dive into approaches that harmonize the mental and physical components of well-being, underpinned by scientifically validated practices. Explore the principles including sleep, movement, hormesis, stress reduction,  and others in a  framework that treats […]

PechaKucha – Celebrating people, passion, and creative thought

We are absolutely thrilled to announce another delightful PechaKucha event at The Bridge! It brings us immense joy to gather as a community and showcase the incredible talents that abound within Green School and beyond. The PechaKucha 20x20 format involves a dynamic presentation with 20 slides, each automatically advancing every 20 seconds. Presenters have a […]

Laughing Yoga – Astungkara Way

Ibu Bu Tatik invites you to a session of intense laughter followed by one of her signature local plant-based lunches at the Astungkara Way Regenerative Farming Learning Centre. Come with an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to let go. Laughing Yoga combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing techniques (Pranayama) which brings more […]

When the solution becomes the problem – Henk van den Dikkenberg

Why are we falling back in bad behavior and aren’t we living our best lives. The mind usually takes the easy way out. The chosen result is direct and noticeable which is the strongest reinforcement to keep doing it this way. It takes another route to live our best lives. Knowing is’t enough we need […]

Community Garden

Join us for an exciting venture into gardening at the Green School! Discover the joy of cultivating our own community garden right by the Heart of School. It's more than just gardening; it's about learning, sharing, and growing together. Under the guidance of Carol, we'll explore the principles of Syntropic farming, a revolutionary approach that […]

Scale Climate Action April Meetup

Scale Climate Action | Food Systems: from production to waste management, how do we scale regenerative solutions The Scale Climate Action meetup series is back to the Green School for its 12th installment! Come and mingle with like-minded people to hear firsthand from industry experts Tanguy Yu and Tobias Wilson about the surprisingly large negative […]

Neurodiversity Support Group

Neurodiversity Support Group invites parents and caregivers on April 18th, 1:30pm Join us in conversation with Ibu Johanna (previous GS Counsellor) on neurodiversity, executive functioning, strengths-based learning and how we, as parents, can help our children shine in who they are as their most authentic self. Location: The Bridge This talk will be happening at […]

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