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Tempe Making Workshop – iniTempe Bali

Inspired by the mother nature of Bali, iniTempe creates an experience for you to learn sustainability through tempe, a portion of exotic food from Indonesia. You will learn our philosophy, the process of our creativity, and the way we make, cook and enjoy tempe in a different way. At the end of class, bring home […]

Earthen Life: Cool without AC – Kurt Beckman

The secrets to truly comfortable living without the need for electric air con using simple, ancient low-tech methods employed at the Sibang Eco Village. Learn the ancient secrets to unlocking a successful sustainable home design. This is a must-attend presentation for eco-conscious families planning to build in Bali and seeking a comfortable Air-Con-free environment surrounded […]

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (Sessions) – Myke Tesselaar

We all have those moments with our children where we know we should have reacted differently but don't know how to. I believe that raising your children consists of two important pillars, namely, first of all, raising yourself, with other words knowing your triggers and influences from the past and solving them, and second, setting […]

Parents and Teens – Giving Space whilst Feeling Connected – Tryphena Strangways

Having facilitated teen groups since I was 22 years old, I have witnessed many shades of the child-parent dynamic- the challenges and triumphs from both perspectives. This workshop will share tools to support teens in a way that allows them to feel recognized for who they uniquely are, given space to do so whilst also […]

Beehive Collective Arts & Storytelling: The True Cost of Coal

Interactive storytelling focused on interconnected environmental, social, and global issues using giant intricate and massive mural artworks from a North American-based group: the Beehive Collective. The true cost of coal presents a winding timeline from a pre-colonial past, through a chaotic present, into a sustainable and regenerative future for all. Venue: Sangkep The Beehive […]

Recharging Bali (Bio Pore Workshop) – Darma Dipta

In the Biopore workshop, participants will learn about the water crisis, Liquify's mission and the benefits of innovative water solutions like bio-pores. The session will then transition to hands-on construction where attendees will build bio pores around Green School. By the end of the two-hour workshop, participants had gained knowledge and practical skills in creating […]

The Great Parents Paddle – Earth Week

Want to try something new that’s fun, impactful, and completely different in Earth Week?   Be a canoe warrior by paddling out around the mangroves, enjoying this remarkable ecosystem, while armed with nets and tongs to collect any rubbish you can find around the mangroves. No canoeing experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure! […]

Waging War on Green Washing – Freddie Hedegaard

99% of the Carbon Sequestration potential in the world lies with small-scale eco-projects. Dungbeetle is a Bali-based company empowering underestimated small-scale eco-warriors to play a role in carbon markets monopolized by large and often dubious players where profits and large scales are prioritized over authentic good doing. Freddie is a senior student at Green School […]

Let’s Makan!

We are so incredibly fortunate to have such a global, vibrant, diverse group of talented individuals embedded in our community at Green School. With this in mind, we invite you to come and join us around the table for a delicious lunch at The Bridge to share your experiences, stories, knowledge, skills, ideas, and laughter […]

The Ability to Choose – Ibu Sari Pollen

Human being often forgets that life has yin and yang or black and white. Everyone has expectations. However when expectations don't meet reality then it often makes stress and frustration. It has been a common thing to happen in a society where we actually can choose our life miserable or joyful. Every choice has its […]


Beetlejuice High School Production 2023!

This is an all-student-led production combining all sorts of talents and making artists around the GS community come together in one big project! It is a two days performance, May 4th and May 5th. Come and support us by wearing the dress code; Funeral. Venue: Sangkep See you all there! Get your ticket here!

Tropical Plant -Based Cooking Class – Made Masak

In this hands-on class with Chef Made, you’ll get to build your connection to the tropical plant. By learning about native plants growing around us, we get to brave together into a whole new tasting experience! Using some wild medicinal herbs, we learn how to co-create nutritious meals that will bring new flavors to your […]

Creativity Hacks to Write with Ease, Joy & Magic – Emily Nature

Say, you’re bursting to share your message, wisdom, and knowledge with the world, and you started writing, but it’s just not flowing, sometimes it even feels difficult and heavy. Or, you might’ve been sitting on a book or a piece of writing for so long and still haven’t made any progress (start and stop, start […]

Body and Systemic Constellation Work – Dorene

The workshop is a tasting of different techniques. It involves bodywork and close contact and it is interactive so we’ll experience the magic together. It requires an open mind, integrity, and curiosity. It is also an introduction to the upcoming Family Constellation Session (June 5th.), a therapeutic method revealing unrecognized (multi-generational dynamics) in the family. […]

Preserving Culture – A Footprint Presentation by Raja

I’d like to present my footprint to Preserve Culture. I'm going to do that by spreading awareness about the decline of Balinese arts. So I'm going to raise money for my Balinese teacher to build a new building to teach all his students so they can pass on the knowledge. My name is I Gede […]

Beautiful Forests. Native. Wild. Forever. – Shubhendu Sharma

Democratising Forest making When Shubhendu made his first forest, it was with his own family in his own backyard. He did this because he was inspired by his recent meet-up with Dr. Miyawaki, a Japanese Botanist who came up with a method of growing a biodiverse forest 10 times faster than with conventional reforestation techniques. […]

Pechakucha – Celebrating people, passion, and creative thought

We are very happy to host another PechaKucha at The Bridge. We love to get together as a community and celebrate so many amazing talents we have here at Green School and beyond. The PechaKucha 20×20 presentation format is a slide show of 20 images, each auto-advancing after 20 seconds. It’s non-stop, and presenters got […]

Half day of Family Mindfulness – Plum Village Sisters

Explore the principles of mindfulness and inner peace as practiced in Plum Village. At Plum Village we weave mindfulness into all our daily activities, training ourselves to be mindful throughout the day: while eating, walking, working, or enjoying a cup of tea together. In this half mindfulness day we will discover how to apply these […]

When the logic of learning is not that logical – Marjan Jongerius -Vast

We all say that we want to be unique and want to be seen for the talents and skills that we have. Don’t be average but be unique and be seen. The same accounts for your child. Right? But what happens when your child is not average in learning, at all? Do we and educators […]