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Green Stone Sharing Session – Come and Support our Grade 12 Students

September 30, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

As our graduates enter their final year we come together as a community to support the preparation for their Green Stone presentations in June.

The Bridge is hosting multiple meetings, and in each of them, 4 students will share their path, and their challenges, and we will have the opportunity to offer them guidance, suggestions, and most of all love and strength in such an important period of their lives.

A requirement for every Green School graduate is a capstone project, known as Green Stone. Green Stone is a year-long inquiry and process where students demonstrate a mastery of core skills and Green School skills. This can be a passion project, an area of interest, or a solution to a real-world problem. The Green Stone experience culminates in a 13-minute TED-style talk the week before graduation. It is a life-changing experience and prepares every student for their next adventure and arguably for the rest of their life. Green Stone is a process and an experience that not only develops skills but also provides a platform to demonstrate mastery of those skills.

Projects For This Day


Gala – The Importance of Mental Health in Middle School
A project explaining aspects of adolescent development and a project helping middle schoolers understand their feelings and understand that their feelings are valid and real.

Where do I need help? I need to work with someone who works with adolescents and understands basic psychotherapy.








Fred – Soleco
Soleco is an NFT exchange that supports eco-projects with real impact and branches out to investors. We are a platform that utilizes complete transparency & authenticity to create real impact across two industries influenced by organizations sucking money out of fake sustainability claims.

Where do I need help?  As of right now we just need people to invest in real-world real impact projects. Stop talking, start acting. This is now.




Luka – Have We Found the Solution?
At Green school, we are always talking about our innovative way of educating. But how do we show this? My project would aim to start a conversation about the metrics for success in education. Additionally, I want to work with educational researchers to attempt to test if Greenschool is creating better outcomes for our students scientifically to give the mission of this school merit to those that are skeptical. I also have another Greenstone idea regarding supporting student projects and enterprises that I am torn on that I will present to get feedback.

Where do I need help? Anyone with interesting ideas to have a conversation with or anyone with experience in education and educational research.


Kyan – Sustainable & Ethical Fashion
My project is to make a sustainable and ethically produced online fashion collection. I plan to emphasize how fashion can improve one’s self confidence and body image. Although I’m conflicted because I have several project ideas, so I plan pitch a few ideas.

Where do I need help? I am looking for advice on which project I should pick and a supportive mentor with knowledge on my topic.



This mingle is happening at The Bridge but we will Livestream it also.


Meeting ID: 878 3353 7881


September 30, 2022
9:00 am - 10:30 am
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