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Green Stone Sharing Session – Come and Support our Grade 12 Students

September 23 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

As our graduates enter their final year we come together as a community to support the preparation for their Green Stone presentations in June.

The Bridge is hosting multiple meetings, and in each of them, 4 students will share their path, and their challenges, and we will have the opportunity to offer them guidance, suggestions, and most of all love and strength in such an important period of their lives.

A requirement for every Green School graduate is a capstone project, known as Green Stone. Green Stone is a year-long inquiry and process where students demonstrate a mastery of core skills and Green School skills. This can be a passion project, an area of interest, or a solution to a real-world problem. The Green Stone experience culminates in a 13-minute TED-style talk the week before graduation. It is a life-changing experience and prepares every student for their next adventure and arguably for the rest of their life. Green Stone is a process and an experience that not only develops skills but also provides a platform to demonstrate mastery of those skills.

Projects For This Day

Leo – NexGen Game
I’ve been working on a game for the past 2-3 years now. My project shows what I learned, how I managed to run a whole team of people, And The ups and downs of running a game company at my age.

Where do I need help? I need help to make my company official.



Cial – Help4Refugees
In my project, I want to be able to help Afghan refugees in Indonesia relocate to more “developed” and “opportunistic” countries like Australia and New Zealand. I want to accomplish this by volunteering in programs offered by an organization called “Help4Refugees” in Indonesia. On top of that, I also want to teach these refugees English and other fields of academics online every week. Throughout the process of my Greenstone, my mentor, Mahiro Noda, will be helping me as she has done similar projects in the past.

Where do I need help?  If there are people who can help me teach these refugees, it would be of great help.



Hazel – Kawinaya Cycling
Sharing my knowledge about cycling with local youth around Sibang is a dream for me to find new generations of sports in Bali and bring it to the national level.

Where do I need help?  I need help getting more connections about cycling coaching for the youth age group. I also need help with making my slides beautiful and attractive.





Matthew – E⚡Revolution
For my project, I hope to be making the first electric bio bus. I would be either retrofitting one of the current bio buses or buying a different one and then working from there. The process for me would consist of learning more in-depth about electricity and learning how the whole process works so I would be able to fix the bus and eventually help build it. I would also be learning the insides and outs of bio bus and why in the future it would be smart for us to turn to electricity. The reason for this project is that I have been working in and with the BioBus team for most of my high school journey and it has always been the one thing that always interests me. There have been many problems within BioBus being the cost of maintenance, reliability, and the Co2 emissions from transportation and getting the UCO turned into biodiesel. The bus would have the same use as the other buses in the fleet and would be able to the same speed if not faster but the range of the bus would be around the same.

Where do I need help?  I would need help in the area of electricity and electric vehicles since the bus will be fully electric. I would also need people with connections to sustainable electricity companies or someone who has experience in mechanics and knows a decent amount about the subject. The most important thing someone could help me with is connections to companies either on or off the island.




This mingle is happening at The Bridge but we will Livestream it also.


Meeting ID: 878 3353 7881


September 23
9:00 am - 10:30 am