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Green Stone Sharing Session – Come and Support our Grade 12 Students

September 16 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am

As our graduates enter their final semester we come together as a community to support the preparation for their Green Stone presentations in June.

The Bridge is hosting multiple meetings, and in each of them, 4 students will share their path, and their challenges, and we will have the opportunity to offer them guidance, suggestions, and most of all love and strength in such an important period of their lives.

A requirement for every Green School graduate is a capstone project, known as Green Stone. Green Stone is a year-long inquiry and process where students demonstrate a mastery of core skills and Green School skills. This can be a passion project, an area of interest, or a solution to a real-world problem. The Green Stone experience culminates in a 13-minute TED-style talk the week before graduation. It is a life-changing experience and prepares every student for their next adventure and arguably for the rest of their life. Green Stone is a process and an experience that not only develops skills but also provides a platform to demonstrate mastery of those skills.

Projects For This Day

Finn– BioBoards
My project is to create a surfboard line that tackles the issue of “throw away boards”. The industry right now creates surfboards to break, so that they can get more business. I want to create a stronger board, one that will last, and I will achieve this by glassing boards with sustainable, stronger materials, such as Bio Resins and Flax Cloth. My project will also have a community help aspect; for every board sold, a percentage of funds will go towards a program where I shape boards to gift to community members in West Java.

Where do I need help? I need help with activation. I need a mentor and somebody with knowledge in the field to help me with my project. I also need help finding someone/business that can supply the Flax Cloth and Bio Resins.


Joshua (JJ) – Man Up
From understanding gender norms to sharing stories and opening up to the world around us, my project explores what it means to be a man in today’s society.

Where do I need help?  I would love to find more people to interview, and find some support for the documentary process.


Tirta – BELA
Exploring and sharing the importance of sexual education with others, including younger students not only at Green School but local schools around Bali. My Green Stone primarily focuses on connecting with local communities around Bali and decreasing the taboo surrounding the topic of sexual violence, assault, and harassment.

Where do I need help?  I would like to connect with mentors that can help guide me throughout my project.





Sevan – Designing birds sanctuary
I am currently on a team, where we are going to be building a new bird sanctuary for green school. My role is to design the sanctuary.

Where do I need help? I would need a mentor that has experience in design and or architecture.








Benjamin & Zak – Baik Bike
With our passion for motorbikes and mechanics we will design and build a motorbike from scratch, With that, we will be raising awareness and funds for mental health and recovery in Bali.

Where do I need help?  Funding, Event Organizing, Fundraising experience, Bike design, filmmaking, Someone to keep us in check.




This mingle is happening at The Bridge but we will Livestream it also.


Meeting ID: 878 3353 7881


September 16
9:00 am - 10:30 am