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Green School Community

A community of learners making our world sustainable

When we live our values, our community thrives. When we join forces and learn from each other, we create a bigger impact.

Green School is a community of lifelong learners. Our parents, teachers and staff hone their skills and share their knowledge. We support each other. We are family.

It takes a village to raise a child. 


The Green School Parent Association (GSPA), strives to ‘hold the heart’ of the school, understanding that a healthy, inspired and engaged parent community represents a vital asset to Green School. Green School parents are authentic partners in the education of their children and play an active role in the development of the educational environment, philosophy and policies of Green School.



All Green School parents are members of the GSPA and our shared mission is ‘To inform, inspire and energize parent participation in a manner that sustains the health and vitality of Green School and its community’.

In this spirit, we welcome new families and are here to support you in settling into school and Bali.



The OS (Oh Sh#!) Bali Handbook is an online resource to support Green School families, teachers and staff who have stayed in Bali during the coronavirus pandemic. It is a repository of concise information and a helpful guide for planning and preparing.



The intentions of the Local Scholar Programme is to give back to Bali, to be an inclusive community. 

In response the current COVID situation, we create a list of local parents and local business that need support. The intention is promote the local business of the LSP Parents within our GS Community


Voice. We all have one. Everyone has a beautiful story to share, a new perspective on the world. 

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