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Branding Jack – Maja Grcic & Angel Figueroa

Branding Jack – Maja Grcic & Angel Figueroa

The story of how to take a fruit from the jungle and brand it as a raising food star in the European market.

Companies start with small teams turning ideas into products at lighting speed. And yet, like the rabbit in the old fable, most teams fail to succeed in the market.

Maja’s ‘rabbit’-drive & Ángel’s ’turtle’-virtues come together to show teams that, unlike what we learn in fables, you need to communicate fast & work steadily to achieve success.


Maja, the Brand Strategist, helps founders develop personal brands and put them at the service of the business. Ángel, Team Architect, helps design high-performing innovation teams. Together they join founding teams to build a solid brand marketing foundation to turn products into market hits.

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