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Voice. We all have one. Everyone has a beautiful story to share, a new perspective on the world. This blog is a space for people that want to voice their thoughts on changing the world for the better.

Voice. Yours matters.

The Bridge Team

Ayo Bicara Bahasa Indonesia

The Bridge is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Balai Bahasa to facilitate the “Ayo Bicara Bahasa Indonesia” class for our Green School Community. After our brainstorm session, a lot

Chris Thompson

Bali: Hidden Truth

“Finland is officially the world’s happiest country. It is also 75 percent forest. I believe these facts are related.” – Matt Haig White sand beaches. Crystalline blue ocean. Lush green, tiered

Community Event
The Bridge Team

Ayo, ikut ke Pantai! – Beach Clean Up

Join the movement of Bali’s Biggest Beach cleanup on the 20th of February and engage in a multitude of actions for the ocean! AT PANTAI NYANYI:7-11am : Make a splash

The Bridge Team

[Not Your Ordinary] Entrepreneurs Sunday Market

A gathering of social entrepreneurs and a merge of cultures from all corners of the world. Join for a unique West Bali experience on a magical beachfront Sunday market, fun

The Bridge Team

Global Online Fasting Retreat – You!Healing International

Join us for a safely guided 7 day fasting program. The You!Healing method is a medically proven, clinically safe methodology for fasting that systematically turns the digestion process “off” from

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