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#11 Menyeimbangkan Dua Budaya – Kania Maniasa

Menjadi orang asing yang tinggal di Amerika mencoba menavigasi kedua budaya dapat menjadi tantangan. Pahami lebih banyak bagaimana bertahan hidup dan manfaatkan pengalaman Anda sebaik-baiknya dalam lingkungan multikultural. Pelajari lebih lanjut tentang perbedaan budaya dengan orang Bali asli yang mengalami…

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Vovo Pedro’s Children

Vovo Pedro started out as a collaboration of some of the world's most talented and skilled people coming together in Bali by sheer chance.  This flowed into putting a team in place, in quarantine together at 5 properties within the…

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New Ending

You!Healing is offering a FREE 2 month-long conversation space where we, together, accept the challenge to have the hard conversations around colour, race, discrimination, entitlement and use of power. I was asked to call this “White Space” and take on the responsibility…

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SKUTE for FOOD campaign

Our beloved Bali runs on tourism. It breaks our hearts to see the effect Covid-19 has had here. No tourism means no income for most and consequently no money for food. Therefore they launched the SKUTE for FOOD campaign. Rent…

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