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#6 HeartFull Living: 9 Pillars Of Living From The Heart – Rodolfo Young

#6 HeartFull Living: 9 Pillars of Living From The Heart – Rodolfo Young

This talk will define and speak on the pillars of Acceptance, Permission, Expression, Curiosity, Compassion, Gratitude, Ownership, Patience, and Selfishness and how a balanced mix of all these leads to living from the heart.

We often find ourselves in patterns and pathways that suppress our spirit and fulfillment, but we can cultivate a different livelihood by consciously choosing the mindset, habits, and positive practices that nourish us. Come learn the secret treasures and strategies Rodolfo has uncovered for living a life led by your Heart.

With over 200 speaking engagements in 12 different countries, 6 books, and a growing online presence, Rodolfo is on a mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts to live in Brilliance. A former US Army Special Ops soldier turned motivational speaker and master coach, Rodolfo has been featured alongside today’s top thought leaders in both business and personal development. He is a TEDx speaker, master NLP practitioner, and international author sharing on topics of mindfulness, relationships, communication, and leadership. He spent two years in silent practice learning communication without words and now gives motivational keynotes globally using his signature A.P.E. Approach.

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