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#4 Restoring Ocean Abundance In One Human Generation – ALEXANDRA COUSTEAU

#4 Restoring Ocean Abundance in One Human Generation – ALEXANDRA COUSTEAU

Alexandra invites you to join her on a journey from her earliest memories with her grandfather teaching her to scuba dive to her many adventures today. Along the way, she provides a unique perspective on how important it is to be not only an endlessly curious observer of the world but also an active participant in its restoration.

Alexandra’s advocacy for the oceans started at the age of 8 when she gathered signatures for her grandfather’s petition to save Antarctica. Since then, she has always been involved in ocean conservation in some way, whether advocating for the expansion of marine protected areas, educating consumers about sustainable seafood, conducting deep sea surveys, rescuing dolphins and manatees, or investigating the impacts of oil spills and agricultural runoff on sensitive coastal zones.

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