Preserving Culture – A Footprint Presentation by Raja

I’d like to present my footprint to Preserve Culture. I’m going to do that by spreading awareness about the decline of Balinese arts. So I’m going to raise money for my Balinese teacher to build a new building to teach all his students so they can pass on the knowledge.


My name is I Gede Made Praja Murti Nathanjaya (you can call me Raja). I’m a 5th grader and a Local Scholarship Student at Green School Bali working on a project focused on preserving my culture and arts. I’m passionate about this because in my daily life, I’m always involved in arts and love to dance, paint, draw, and play instruments and I am actively engaged in local art. I consider myself as an artist and love getting involved in art. I love art because of its diversity of forms and inclusivity. I believe anyone can and should do art.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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