Creativity Hacks to Write with Ease, Joy & Magic – Emily Nature

Say, you’re bursting to share your message, wisdom, and knowledge with the world, and you started writing, but it’s just not flowing, sometimes it even feels difficult and heavy. Or, you might’ve been sitting on a book or a piece of writing for so long and still haven’t made any progress (start and stop, start and stop, anyone?) In this talk, Emily will share some creativity “hacks” on how to write in a way that feels joyful, easy, and aligned with your soul, how to take hard work out of writing, and how to avoid the trap that might keep your writing on the back burner forever.


Emily Nature is a natural wizard of words, born to write and to help others express their soul through the art of writing. She’s a published author of the book “Songs of the Rose: Mystical, Medicinal Poetry of the Feminine Heart.” As a writing coach and a book doula, Emily helps conscious changemakers and New Earth creators to write in the most joyful, magical way and distill their soul medicine into books that uplift humanity. Visit her website:

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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