Parents and Teens – Giving Space whilst Feeling Connected – Tryphena Strangways

Having facilitated teen groups since I was 22 years old, I have witnessed many shades of the child-parent dynamic- the challenges and triumphs from both perspectives. This workshop will share tools to support teens in a way that allows them to feel recognized for who they uniquely are, given space to do so whilst also embracing adults as welcome support rather than opposition.


Tryphena Strangways is a certified Rites for Girls Cic and Girls Net Facilitator with further training in the way of Counsel. Overcoming suicidal depression and an eating disorder in adolescence, Tryphena recognized the potency of equipping young people with tools to deal with the ups and downs of the human experience early on. Tryphena also previously worked as an end-of-life carer and ran kids’ forest clubs which both inform her work. She is continuously inspired by the multi-generational healing available through this work. Tryphena now runs individual sessions as well as circle-based mentorship, Listening Counsels, and teen retreats.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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