How can we stop plastic waste entering our body? – Noryawati Mulyono – The Green Leadership Series

We stop plastic waste from entering our bodies from its root cause: single-use plastic, such as single or multilayer packaging. We replace those plastics by manufacturing seaweed-based bio packaging, which is truly biodegradable and plastic-free. Microplastic in our bodies is uncontrollable if we do not stop using plastic for single use.


Noryawati Mulyono –  was born in Pekalongan to a chemical trading family. She learned about chemicals, including alginate flour from seaweed, when she was 8y old. Long story short, she got her undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Chemistry and Food Science, respectively. She is thankful that some institutions awarded her passion for bioplastic since it was only a research idea in 2010. Nory realizes that she was equipped with all useful experience from her childhood, education, career in Biopac Indonesia, and achievement to fulfill her mission to alleviate poverty in seaweed farmers by using their seaweed to solve global plastic waste pollution sustainably.

The Green Leadership Impact Heroes series is a partnership between The Bridge and Earth Company.

Earth Company’s flagship program, Impact Heroes, selects an exceptional change-maker in the Asia Pacific who has the potential to realize social change for future generations. Impact Heroes receive customized three-year support including funding ($>100k), marketing support, and coaching to maximize their impact and potential as leaders. In addition to one Impact Hero, Earth Company works with a cohort of changemakers every year as part of an empowerment program.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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