Launching a Business In Indonesia – Tracy Wilkinson, Terje Nilsen, & Cath

Launching a business in Indonesia has been a mystery and challenge for decades. Over the past few years, however, a handful of leading organizations have brought clear structure and path to support foreigners in launching a business. Join us to get an overview and then deep-dive discussions with these leaders for you to walk away after a morning session with a solid understanding of your path ahead.


How To Launch a Business in Indonesia

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or new to business ownership, there is much to know and learn about making a living in Indonesia. Partnering with an expert in setting up, starting up, and scaling up companies is the very first step. Whilst there are many agents that can make applications for foreign-owned business ownership on your behalf, all things are not equal. Learn what questions to ask to ensure your supports, structures, and systems are fit for purpose.

Tracy Wilkinson has been a builder of people, businesses, and communities since she left her rural Western Australian family home at 16. She derives great joy from seeing success in others and has dedicated her life to making other people’s dreams come true. Tracy first visited Bali in the mid-90s, borrowing a motorbike and spending her holiday exploring areas where nobody spoke English. She thrived in the culture, visiting many times, and dreaming of a way to live in Bali. It took 20 years and 13 heart attacks to permanently make the move, originally with the understanding that she had a very short time to live and with a commitment to make the most of the months remaining. Today, Tracy has conquered a terminal diagnosis and is living her best life. She founded TraceWorthy Consulting and built a team of experts in all things required to dream of, establish and operate a business in Indonesia. She continues to dedicate her life to bringing opportunity to anyone who desires something else.

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How to Operate a Business in Indonesia

Many people are interested in starting a company and exploring work options in Indonesia. Rules and regulations in Indonesia have changed a lot over the past 10 years, especially regarding the rules around investments and starting companies. Rules are now more efficient, integrated, and transparent. You’ll get a clear idea as to what path to take forward during this presentation which will include a broad range of insights and understandings.

Terje Nilsen  – A former parent of three graduates of Green School and the Co-owner and Director of Seven Stones Indonesia. Seven Stones Indonesia is a company with over 50 employees, located in Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud & Jakarta, offering different services; Market Entry, Legal, Tax, Project Development, Investments, Real Estate, and Marketing.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in requests for people who want to feel safe and secure staying in Indonesia. And this includes running their businesses properly. The result of this has been a significant increase in the number of people wanting to set up a PT PMA. With that in mind, we’d like to share some insights with you regarding the do’s and don’ts when it comes to setting up a legitimate company in Indonesia. We believe Indonesia is getting easier for foreign investors; systems are more transparent; procedures have been improved, and the time things take has been greatly reduced.

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Seven Stones Indonesia

From idea to reality, a business start-up in Bali

Sharing her experience and what she has learned in setting up a business in Bali, Indonesia. It started with one single ingredient (a waste/bi-product) and the knowledge that it held amazing health benefits. It has grown and developed into a drinks business making drinks that make you feel good, using 100% Indonesian ingredients and generating wealth for farmers.


Cath – Comes from a communications and media relations background specializing in Luxury travel, she was working for top 5 global agencies and a highly regarded UK-based travel business. When the travel industry was decimated during covid she had to pivot and turned her attention to looking for something she could do while the Travel gig wasn’t an option and that was specifically Indonesian-focused. Having always had an interest in essential oils, ridding chemical use from her daily life, and eating clean foods she started looking at what would be available here in Bali. With an alchemist and some friends, the idea for HIRO was born. Today they are growing the business and look forward to the future providing clean drinks to benefit mental wellness.


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The Bridge Team

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