Amazon and Andes Adventure – One Of The Tribe Journeys

In these uncertain times, many of us have deepened our awareness of and connection with nature. For some of us lockdowns bought the unexpected joy of really witnessing the seasons change for the first time in our lives, we were slowed down enough to notice the first buds forming on trees in the local park, or watch birds creating their nests and raising chicks. We have also taken stock and deepened our spiritual or transformational practices, looking for a greater connection with the divine (in whatever form makes sense to us), with ourselves, with those we love, and the world around us.

If you are feeling the desire to strengthen your reconnection with nature, with yourself, and with others, then join us on this truly life-shifting adventure as we guide you into the heart and soul of Ecuador. Allow the rainforest, the Andes mountains, Transformational Breathwork, sacred ceremonies with the indigenous shaman, and the beautiful people of the Sapara, Salasacan, Achuar, and Kichua tribes to bring you back to you, to remind you of who you truly are.

We will travel from the heights of the Andes mountains to the species-rich jungle floors of the Amazon Basin. This is a journey of transformation but also an adventure to discover Ecuador’s natural treasures, swim in its waterways, take part in rituals in sacred waterfalls, hike day and even night with indigenous guides, kayak on mystical lagoons deep in the Amazon, experience the tribal culture, worldview, and hospitality. We have unprecedented access to indigenous nations and are welcomed like family due to Zoë’s work with them over the last 16 years.

Throughout the trip, we will integrate our shifting perspectives and deepen our transformation with regular Breathwork sessions with renowned Breathwork evangelist and visionary Richie Bostock (AKA The Breath Guy).

Check the itinerary here.

You will hardly believe that this trip is only 13 nights long – it will feel like a month! Due to Ecuador’s small size and its diversity (it contains all the ecosystems of South America except the Argentine Pampas) we are able to have a number of experiences in a short space of time, without feeling rushed.

For those who have more time, we have a couple of possible additions to your trip -for example Galapagos islands. Please contact us if you are interested and we can help you plan travels before or after your jungle experience!

Join The Trip on June 10 – 23th 

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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