The Children are On The Frontline of Poverty in Bali – Kim Farr

The Bali Street Mums and Kids Safehouse provides a home for children and mothers who have suffered abuse, trafficking, and illness. We take care of children that have been rescued from shocking situations. The Safehouse is also a food and medical aid center, providing aid to over 75 children and mothers.

Kim Farr – has worked for eight years with impoverished children and mothers in Bali. It all started in 2014 after attending a presentation about street children at the Green School. From there Kim started volunteering at a street kid center where she met little children that were taken to the streets night after night to beg. They were desperately hungry and tired. The Centre was not addressing the need for the mothers to earn a salary so that they could stop taking their children to beg. So she started a mothers workshop where the mothers could learn skills to make glasses from recycled bottles, hand-sewn dolls, and jewelry. Working in the slums with an Indonesian social worker we began to find children who were being exploited for videos and the many tourist pedophiles entering Bali. She realized there was an urgent need to build a Safehouse close to the slums of Denpasar.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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