Cleaning Bali’s Plastic Rivers – Gary Bencheghib – The Green Leadership Series

From traveling down the world’s dirtiest river to now cleaning rivers in Bali and beyond, Gary will provide an alarming situation of Indonesia’s current plastic crisis and what he and his team are doing to restore Indonesia’s rivers. Through this talk, you will get a full grasp of the operation behind up-cycling river plastics into a valuable commodity, cleaning Bali’s most polluted rivers, and in-depth analysis of Sungai Watch’s trash data.Join us every week in our emergency cleanups throughout Bali stay tuned via our website

Gary is an environmental activist and filmmaker. He co-founded Make A Change World in 2009 with his siblings, a media outlet that uncovers uplifting and inspirational stories. With his younger brother Sam, he has launched a series of expeditions to travel down some of the world’s most polluted rivers on upcycled plastic bottle rafts, including the Mississippi River and the Citarum River. Gary now dedicates 100% of his time towards growing Sungai Watch, a non-profit with the mission of protecting waterways starting in Indonesia. Since October 2020, the organization has successfully installed 120 barriers to stop plastic pollution from going into the ocean, removing over 370,000 kgs of plastics from Bali’s waterways. In 2022, Sungai Watch is expanding to tackle the most polluted rivers of Indonesia by placing 1,000 barriers.

The Green Leadership Impact Heroes series is a partnership between Bridge and Earth Company.

Earth Company’s flagship program, Impact Heroes, selects an exceptional change-maker in the Asia Pacific who has the potential to realize social change for future generations. Impact Heroes receive customized three-year support including funding ($>100k), marketing support, and coaching to maximize their impact and potential as leaders. In addition to one Impact Hero, Earth Company works with a cohort of changemakers every year as part of an empowerment program.


The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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