Organic Elephant Painting – Mason’s Elephant Park & Lodge

An exciting 2022 is starting with helping others.
Our family is honored to Partner up with the wonderful Mason Family to help Elephants have a happy life here in Bali.

Join us on Sunday, January 23rd at the Mason’s Elephant Park for a unique experience. 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Eat with them, paint them, wash them and even bathe with them….:)

We’ll be co-hosting a Charity Mastermind Lunch to learn more about a day in a life of an elephant.

To purchase a ticket and donate, please see:

⭕️WHAT TO EXPECT: Social Collaboration, New Connections, and lots of positive emotions. Of course, plenty of INSTA moments to support our friendly elephants 🐘🐘🐘

WHEN: Sunday Jan 23, 2022

🤩▪️10am Free Flow networking with elephants. 🐘Hand feed, Wash, Ride, hug….:) So much fun!

👀▪️11:30 Exclusive behind the scenes excursion by the Park’s founders

🧠🤝▪️12 Mastermind Lunch Introduction Game – Focus on Social Entrepreneurship

🎨🖌▪️1:30 Paint the elephants as best as we can…:)

👥 📸▪️3:00 In Flow Networking and photo sessions

⭕️⭕️Expect MANY surprises.🐘🎨

📍Meeting Venue:
Elephant Safari Park Lodge Bali,

Entrance contribution:
100% goes towards food and support for Elephants.

‼️🔥FOR Info: Contact Jian @

👥Special guests: 👥
Bali Royal family
Local government leaders
Global investors & Philanthropists
Influencers of Russian community

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

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